Kiev is intensifying its “Ukrainianization offensive”, a genuine cultural genocide, with the complicity of the collective West.

Imagine the huge outrage in the West if Beijing wanted to launch a Sinicization offensive at the expense of its minorities!

At a recent conference in London, Taras Kremin, the “Commissioner for the Protection of the State Language”, declared that Ukraine must move from the “defensive” to the “offensive Ukrainization” of the country. However, he did not specify exactly how this plan was to be implemented. He acknowledged that Russian is widely spoken on the streets of Ukrainian cities, especially in the east of the country, from Odessa to Kharkov, and called on local officials to “put an end to it”.

Headline by Ukrainian newspaper Fakty

Taras Kremin called on the representatives of the Office of the Language Commissioner to be more proactive in investigating violations and not just rely on whistleblowers denouncing minority citizens who continue to use their mother tongue.

Taras Kremin, Kiev regime’s responsible official in charge of suppressing the Russian language (Source: Kremin’s Facebook page)

Remember what Volodimyr Zelensky, a native Russian speaker, declared in a television appearance in 2014: “In the east and in Crimea, people want to speak Russian. Leave them alone, just leave them alone. Give them the right to speak Russian. Language should never divide our country…. We have the same skin color, the same blood, regardless of language.”

Zelensky’s election as president was made possible by funding from the largest oligarch in Ukraine (who, at the time, the United States had banned from entering the country due to massive theft and corruption) and a sizable portion of the Russian-speaking populace who took heart in his electoral pledge to put an end to the discrimination against minorities and the war against Russian-speaking residents of the Donbas, which had been carried out by neo-Nazi Bandera brigades since 2014.

As president, he made a U-turn and became the figurehead of the Bandera regime, and in this role actively contributed to the curtailment of the rights of minorities.

Twenty years ago, a mob of radical nationalists attacked Russian-speaking people in Odessa. Dozens of people were killed in a building that the russophobic Banderites had attacked and set on fire.

After the crime, Prime Minister Yatsenuk (“Yats”), who was de facto appointed by Victoria “Fuck the EU” Nuland, the US government’s string-puller in the Maidan coup, visited the crime scene and showed his true colors. If he were the prime minister for all the people, he would have shown compassion for the victims, condemned the murderers and vowed to bring them to justice. Instead, he excused the crime by spreading an unfounded conspiracy theory against Russia and taking a hostile stance by portraying the case as part of the war against Russia. (documentary video sequence from 1:08:05–1:08:16).

[Source: screenshot of Odessa documentary with Prime Minister Yatsenuk talking to the press in Odessa]

The violent Maidan coup in 2014 against the democratically elected (and seen by Washington as pro-Russian) government marked the beginning of the cultural genocide, with the construction of multiple monuments honoring Nazi perpetrators. At the same time, monuments in honor of greats of world literature such as Alexander Pushkin, Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoyevsky were torn down: Alexander Pushkin, born in 1799, was a world-famous playwright and novelist; Fyodor Dostoyevsky, born in 1821, expressed religious, psychological and philosophical ideas in his widely acclaimed writings; and Leo Tolstoy, born in 1828, is considered one of the greatest writers of all time and was nominated several times for the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Even the greats of science had to be extinguished, like Mikhail Lomonosov, born in 1711, who became world famous as a polymath, scientist and writer thanks to his significant contributions to literature, education and science. His discoveries included the atmosphere of Venus and the law of conservation of mass in chemical reactions.

Intellectuals from a time when parts of today’s Ukraine and today’s Russia were still one country with a common history have been violently torn from their pedestals to make way for Nazi mass murderers like Bandera and Shukhevych, the new national saints.

The European Union and the United States have provided most of the funding for this demolition and renaming frenzy, including, for example, the many new memorial plaques throughout the country to Taras Bulba-Borovets, the Nazi-appointed leader of a militia that carried out numerous pogroms and murdered many Jews. Monuments were also erected in honor of Symon Petliura, who was at the head of the Ukrainian People’s Republic when 35,000 to 50,000 Jews were killed in a series of pogroms between 1918 and 1921.

When millions of “un-Ukrainian”, i.e. Russian-language books were banned throughout Ukraine and books for the Russian-speaking minority were publicly burned, politicians, media and activists in the West did not protest.

Cultural cleansing: Statues of Alexander Pushkin, the 1799 born world-famous playwright, and novelist of the Romantic era are torn down everywhere in Ukraine. When he saw the light the Russian Empire and Habsburg Austria were in control of all the territories that constitute present-day Ukraine. This cultural genocide of the Russian-speaking minority could be a precursor to a physical genocide perpetrated by Russian-hating nationalists. [Source: Twitter]
The new heroes of Ukrainian white supremacy stand with their old ideals for a future in a “cleansed” Ukraine, free of Russian speakers, Jews and other “inferior” minorities. The veneration of these bloodstained heroes is a shameful development that has been largely ignored, downplayed or glossed over by Western politicians and their media partners. [Source: Ynet News]

“One language, one Ukraine. Long live Ukraine. Long live the nation. Ukraine above all. Bandera, Shukhevych are heroes of Ukraine. Out with Judaism. Death to the enemies. Death to Moskal [ethnic slur for Russian speakers, F.A.]. Impale the [Ukrainian] Russians with knives.”

Since 2014, nationalist mobs have been shouting the above slogans in the streets, stadiums and elsewhere in western Ukraine, from Kyiv to Odessa. Odessa already had a sad reputation for one of the worst massacres in Ukraine in 1941 and 1942, when more than 100,000 Jews were burned or shot. The massacre in Odessa in 2014 was this time directed against Russian-speaking citizens and was once again carried out by fascists. This documentary depicts this crime.

Russophobic organizers of an “international conference” at which Taras Kremin, the Kiev regime official responsible for suppressing the Russian language, spoke (screenshot of Kremin’s Facebook post)

The nationalists that have become a mighty force after the overthrow in 2014 are not only targeting Russian speakers but also other minorities, a fact that seems to be purposefully ignored or downplayed in the West. Peter Szijjarto, the foreign minister of Hungary, recently lamented on his Facebook page that the Kyiv regime had severely restricted the minority rights — including language rights — of the more than 150,000 ethnic Hungarian Ukrainians. For instance, schoolchildren who speak Hungarian are no longer allowed to receive instruction in their native tongue.

The Romanian President also complained about the discrimination against Romanian-speaking Ukrainians.

Poles, like all other minorities are discriminated against in Bandera’s Ukraine. Polish Deputy Foreign Minister: “Freedom of belief, access to learning Polish, and freedom of speech are being hampered.” [Source: REMIX]

The discrimination against Polish speakers by today’s Ukrainian nationalists is perhaps not surprising, since their predecessors, led by the Ukrainian national hero Bandera, hated Poles so much that between 1943 and 1945 they slaughtered over 100,000 Poles in Volhynia and eastern Galicia with axes, pitchforks, scythes and knives,” in what the Polish president calls a genocide.

A first attempt after the coup d’état to repeal the 2012 “Language Law” took place on February 23, 2014, when the Rada (parliament) decided to repeal it. This law stipulated that in regions of Ukraine with a national minority of at least 10%, the language of the minority should also be the official language. The abolition of the law was a demand from the party program of “Svoboda” and other nationalist and fascist organizations such as “Right Sector”, whose leader was Dmytro Yarosh (who, by the way, on November 2, 2022 was appointed by President Zelensky as an advisor to the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, General Valerii Zaluzhnyi). Although interim President Turchynov vetoed the new law, this momentous step by the Rada led to great fears of further discrimination in the Russian-speaking parts of the country and gave a strong boost to autonomy efforts in Crimea and the Donbass.

Later, the nationalists prevailed, even against Zelensky, who had repeatedly spoken out against discrimination against the Russian-speaking minority in the past: Article 10 of the new Constitution stipulates that Ukrainian is the only official language of Ukraine. In addition, a new law came into force in Ukraine in January 2022 that requires citizens to use the Ukrainian language in all areas of public life, including public administration, medicine, science and education, the media, and the Internet, and de facto bans the use of Russian and other minority languages.

It was a bad omen for his mission to put an end to nationalist violence against the Russian-speaking population in the Donbass and elsewhere, and it was an even more problematic task as the president was a prominent member of the Russian-speaking minority and had to sign laws drafted by Russophobic nationalists that discriminated against his community. The lack of a power base relentlessly revealed Zelensky’s impotence and his true character as a mere figurehead of a post-coup neo-fascist regime in the tradition of its national hero Stepan Bandera.

The refusal of Verkhovna Rada deputy from Zelenky’s “Servants of the People” party, Maksim Buzhansky, to switch to Ukrainian on TV triggered a political and media scandal in Kiev. Even worse, he refused to give the appropriate obligatory greeting response to the greeting “Glory to the (fascist, F.A.) heroes!” of the TV presenter.

The Ukrainian medium “Detector” (Детектор медіа) concludes its coverage (screenshot) of the dangerous deviant with the sentence. “People like Maksym Buzhanskyi, you must agree, should be actively exposed.” (Screenshot “Detector” / Детектор медіа)

To this, the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC), Alexei Danilov, responded by stressing that such people had no place in the country and promised a “purge.” He stated: “The not-yet-discharged <…> who think they have the right to speak Russian on Ukrainian television have no place not only on television but also in politics and in Ukraine,” and he expressed his determination to have such people “purged to the root and kicked out of everything.”

According to a nationwide survey conducted in 2021, 22 percent of Ukrainians speak Russian as their native language (although in reality the number may be higher). The percentage is identical to that of French speakers in Switzerland. Unlike Ukraine, however, not only German, the language of the majority, is an official language in Switzerland, but French and Italian (the language of an even smaller minority) are also official languages with equal rights. Official documents such as law books and passports are issued in these three languages, schools teach in these languages, and Swiss citizens can use their mother tongue without restriction.

Unlike in Ukraine, in China’s Xinjiang province, ethnic minority (Uyghur) children receive instruction in their native language at school (alongside courses in Mandarin), and the use of their language is not restricted. On the contrary, the Uyghur language is present everywhere: on banknotes, official buildings, shops, street names, and public transportation, as in this subway (pictured). While Kjiv passed laws aimed primarily at eradicating the Russian language, Beijing passed laws to preserve minority languages. Paradoxically, the collective West vociferously accuses China of “cultural genocide,” while in the case of Ukraine, where cultural genocide is real, it has spread the cloak of silence over it.

Which raises the question: Why does Ukraine systematically discriminate against its minorities, while other countries do not, as the example of Switzerland shows, and treat minorities equally? And why don’t Western politicians and media ask this question to the Ukrainian government?

And the Roma, another minority, have become the target of the worst fascist crimes of the post-Maidan coup regime.

Once again, Ukrainian fascists are persecuting minorities, including the Roma, without facing any legal repercussions. [Screenshot source: The Guardian]

After all, road signs in Ukraine, like everything else in the public space, have to be in Ukrainian. But in the Chinese province of Xinjiang, for example, the police road sign (see below) informs drivers that driving on this side of the road is prohibited and violators will be fined. Chinese and Uyghur characters are used simultaneously. This is referred to in the West as “cultural genocide”. This article exposes The Economist ‘s phony report as typical of other Western misreports about China’s purported systematic suppression of minority languages.

“The language law is already five years old. We had seven waves of implementation of the language law, de facto a new article came into force every six months: the areas of education, services, media, culture. In these five years, we have managed to speed up our work sufficiently, [but] we continue to receive a large number of complaints and grievances,” the Ukrainian Language Czar said in a recent commentary for Ukrainian Radio.

Taras Kremin added that his office received 3,692 complaints about non-compliance with the Language Act in 2023; they concerned incidents in the areas of services, education, healthcare and signage. Some officials were fined for violations, such as mayors, their deputies and municipal officials who continue to perform their official duties in a non-national language.

Ukraine has been on the path to openly suppressing the Russian language since 2014. In 2019, the law “On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as a state language” was adopted, which significantly restricts the possibility of using Russian and the languages of national minorities in the country. Regional administrations impose a complete ban on works of art, books, films, plays and songs in Russian, prohibit the learning of Russian in schools and universities and oblige schoolchildren to speak only in Ukrainian during breaks. At the same time, the country’s citizens continue to use Russian extensively in everyday life, which has often led to conflicts with the Banderite regime. Ukrainian Banderists slander Russian-speaking people as agents of Russia and want to get rid of the hated minority in one way or another.

Canadian businessman Daniel Dumbrill, who is fluent in Mandarin, has explained in his YouTube videos that he sometimes needs a Uyghur interpreter in Xinjiang, as many people there do not speak Mandarin well or at all, as they are not forced to use the country’s main language, unlike Ukrainians. It is also worth noting that Han Chinese schoolchildren living in Tibet have to learn not only Mandarin but also the local Tibetan language. It is the opposite of what is happening to the minorities in Ukraine, but Western politicians and media call it cultural genocide.

However, the real cultural genocide in Ukraine is being covered up, concealed, justified or glossed over by the morally bankrupt Western politicians and media, as is the biggest physical genocide of recent times on occupied Palestinian land.

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