The perfidy of the military-industrial complex: the 61 billion dollars in Ukraine aid approved by the tricky US Congress is to be paid involuntarily by Russia for weapons designed to kill its soldiers and civilians.

In this article, we explained who the profiteers of the latest multi-billion-dollar “aid” package to prolong the war on Ukrainian soil are.
Today we want to take a look at the amazing window dressing and the tricks behind it.

Since there is nothing to gain from the war on Ukrainian land to justify the enormous expenses, the highly influential RAND Corporation think tank—which is linked to the military and intelligence services—came to the conclusion back in January 2023 that the US should disengage from it. The United States had not only failed militarily but also in its attempts to isolate Russia diplomatically and in its economic warfare.

By year’s end, the US government, which takes RAND’s advice, had actually ceased authorizing new military and economic assistance initiatives for Ukraine. Ever since, the European Union has dutifully paid for the US.

The government and Congress appeared to be reversing course when they decided to allocate an additional 61 billion dollars for the war in Ukraine. It gives a false appearance.

This is because there are several unique aspects in the help package that has been agreed upon. First off, the US administration has been directed to finalize a loan arrangement with Ukraine; this implies that the US will eventually demand the money be returned, most likely with interest.

It seems that this is all window dressing as Kiev is insolvent and will never be able to repay the loan. Although it appears to be the case, there is a trick we shall discuss shortly.

The fact that the majority of the approved aid goes straight to the US weapons industry rather than to Ukraine is its second unique aspect. Additionally, the funds are meant to restock the US army’s arsenals, which have been exhausted by earlier aid to Ukraine, rather than be used to manufacture weapons for Ukraine. Therefore, the recent “aid” for Ukraine is, at the very least, recompense for previous US arms transfers to Kiev.

The US government, in tandem with the obedient European media, has been exerting pressure on the EU and its member states to intervene and assume the financial responsibility of assisting Ukraine since the US ceased providing fresh aid packages for Kiev at the end of 2023. The EU gave Kiev its first fresh 50 billion in February, and some EU members, like Germany, are also giving Kiev additional financial and military backing, proving that the US administration was successful.

The USA is giving Kiev loans instead of its own funds, which is different from what the EU is doing. They will also see to it that Kiev is able to repay these debts. Having the EU guarantee the loans is the most straightforward approach. After the Maidan coup, the US had already employed this strategy, providing Kiev with credit guarantees but no actual funding.

Though the little more than ten billion euros that went from Brussels to Kiev between 2014 and 2021 were insignificant in comparison to the amounts we are discussing today, the money nevertheless came from the EU.

Consequently, it will be difficult to convince the European Union and its member states to take over the guarantees for the 61 billion dollars (as well as for additional packages) if the European voters, who are paying a price at the expense of their prosperity, punish their political leaders who submit to American interests.

Still, the crafty American military-industrial complex devised an additional fix for this issue: In addition to allowing the transfer of Russian assets to the Kiev regime, the US legislation supporting Ukraine now allows for their forfeiture. Thus, a great deal of pressure is coming from the US to Brussels to act. And through the G7 among other channels, official US representatives are aggressively pressuring Brussels to comply.

As has previously been requested in the US, this would imply that the EU seizes Russian assets in order to use it to guarantee fresh Ukrainian bonds, or government debt. In short, Russia should foot the bill for the US armaments that are murdering Russian soldiers in Ukraine and Russian people in Ukrainian attacks on Russian cities.

In short: the 61 billion dollar economic stimulus program for the US war industry is to be financed by Russia.

Forcing the EU to foot the bill for US policy towards Russia is not a new idea. This also applies to the sanctions against Russia: while the EU countries bear the brunt of the consequences and suffer greatly as a result, the US, which does little trade with Russia, has benefited almost entirely from the sanctions. As a result of the anti-Russian policy, which the EU has also adopted, energy prices in Europe are now very high and EU countries have to import energy from the US at much higher prices. Moreover, European industries, which have lost their competitiveness due to higher energy costs, are relocating their factories to the US.

It is no coincidence that the US government has also passed an anti-inflation law that promotes the establishment of European industries in the USA to the tune of almost 370 billion dollars.

In this way, the United States of America has achieved a triple win. Firstly, they have weakened their economic rival. Second, they have ensured that European companies move to the US and create jobs there. Third, they have forced their European vassals to rely even more on the US by undermining them, which is a win-win-win situation exclusively for the US.

But that’s not all. There is even a fourth point, because if the EU really does give in to US pressure and actually confiscates the Russian assets, this would be a very serious blow for the euro as a currency and for Europe as a financial center. It could even be the death knell for the euro in the medium term.

As there would be no legal certainty for investments in the EU – such a move is recognized as contrary to international law – foreign investors would lose confidence in the euro. While the EU looks for legal frameworks to give the action a legal appearance, the dishonest maneuver would be clear for all to see.

In the USA, there is therefore justified hope that foreign investors will migrate from the EU to the USA.

It is worth remembering that the dominance of the US is primarily due to the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency. However, as more and more international business has been conducted in euros rather than dollars, the euro has emerged as a serious competitor to the dollar, which is not well received in the US. This poses a long-term threat to the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency.

Therefore, it would be in the US’s best interests to see the euro and confidence in Europe as a financial center erode since this would boost the US dollar as a reserve currency and as a financial hub.

The fact that the US issued the 61 billion dollars in “Ukraine aid” just after Ukraine tightened its mobilization law would, of course, be dismissed by all Western media, if they mention it at all. However, the link is clear.

Having lost so many soldiers, Ukraine cannot benefit from more Western weapons unless it also supplies new soldiers to carry them. Kiev has passed a law raising the age limit for conscription into the war, and the United States has now approved the purchase of additional weapons, no doubt funded by the EU or, more likely, Russia rather than the United States.

Thus, the US policy of using other people’s money to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian can go on unabated.

For the USA, the 61 billion dollars in “US aid for Ukraine” that the Western media are cheering about is therefore of immense importance. The Ukrainian people will pay a high price in blood, while the financial price will be paid by Russia, the EU or both.

And the US war industry will receive this money in addition to the extensive funding from the US government to open new factories provided for in the new legislation. Weapons manufacturers’ profits and share prices will therefore remain high for a long time to come. The war they want is a blessing for them and the US politicians they fund, and a curse for the Ukrainians and Russians who must die on the front lines for the greedy warmongers.