61 Billion More US Taxpayers’ Money For The Unwinnable War In Ukraine: Who Are The Profiteers?

The highly decorated military man’s list of honorary titles is long. Régis Chamagne, a colonel in the French Air Force, is a Knight of the Legion of Honor and holder of the National Order of Merit, among other distinctions.

The war is lost – but the show must go on

In an article published by the French think tank Stratpol, he says that Ukraine has no chance of winning the war against Russia.

Régis Chamagne

The Ukrainian army is “in decline”. There is a lack of soldiers, ammunition, and other material as well as motivation. “The war is reaching a point where the Russian army can advance much faster,” says Chamagne.

He explains that it would have been better for Ukraine to accept Russia’s conditions (i.e. the neutrality of Ukraine and the protection of the discriminated Russian-speaking minority). It was clear from the outset that it would come to a defeat because Russia is “immeasurably stronger” militarily.

At the same time, the colonel criticizes his own country, France. President Emmanuel Macron’s desire to send his own soldiers to Ukraine will not change the outcome of the war.

He added that France’s current policy was contrary to national interests and that Macron was merely a proxy for the USA.

Tax dollars for the wars abroad instead of needy Americans at home

It was US President Dwight Eisenhower who warned his countrymen about the military-industrial complex, the sinister interplay between the Pentagon and the arms industry. What is less well known is that he added a third accomplice: Congress, which has to approve the expensive contracts.

The trio struck again on Saturday: an arms package worth billions for Israel and Ukraine was passed by a majority. The next election campaign of many Republican (and Democratic) MPs should thus be financially secure. Nothing stands in the way of their careers now. 

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Mike Johnson, Republican Speaker of the US House of Representatives, has ensured that the proxy war in Ukraine against Russia and the genocidal war against the Palestinians will continue with billions of American taxpayers’ money. The politician, who demonstrates his dual loyalty by wearing both the American and Israeli flags on his lapel, received 293,155 dollars from the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC. Israel has a decisive influence on the US Congress, as reported here.
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Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is no less corrupt than President Volodimir Zelensky. Zelenski is waging a war that he could have prevented, and Netanyahu is waging a genocidal war that he wanted. And both are supported by the collective West, whose values they defend with their blood-soaked actions.

Latest news from the corrupt Kiev regime practicing mafia-style extortion

Around the same time, one of Ukraine’s largest foreign investors told the Financial Times that he had been blackmailed for tens of millions of euros by the Kiev regime.

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The German-British businessman Arnulf Damerau, former advisor to Glencore, is an investor and co-owner of Cosmolot. The company operates online gambling and is one of the ten largest taxpayers in the country.

According to Damerau, corrupt high-ranking officials from Ukraine are behind the attempt. They are said to belong to the security services and the presidential administration.

Serial entrepreneur Arnulf Damerau, formerly a fervent advocate of doing business with the Ukrainian regime.

In October 2023, the Ukrainian authorities raided Cosmolot and subsequently accused the company of violating gambling laws. In addition, 560 million euros in taxes were allegedly evaded. Since then, the company’s accounts have been frozen.

According to Arnulf Damerau, the allegations are “fictitious”. Cosmolot only commenced operations in 2021 following a change in gambling laws. The company paid 60 million euros in taxes in 2023. The state tax authority had accepted the relevant documents without any problems.

Last December, he was contacted by a “Ukrainian person” with the proposal to transfer control of half of the company to an offshore trust. The investigation into Cosmolot would then be closed.

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India’s NDTV (New Delhi Television) reports on a recent corruption case in which Zelensky is directly involved and which his Western media supporters have not reported on.

Reports about Ukraine being the poorest and most corrupt country in Europe with a president whose corruption was exposed in the “Pandora Papers”, among other things, have been around for years. Nevertheless, Western governments and their media partners have largely stopped criticizing the country for corruption since the Russian escalation of the conflict in February 2022. 

The war began in 2014, when the Russian-speaking population in Donbass refused to accept the regime, which came to power in a coup in 2014 and then began bombing the population in the east.

In general, the Western mainstream media preferred not to report on Kiev’s war against the Russian-speaking population in the Donbass. CNN was an exception at the time, when it reported on an air strike against the separatists: “The carnage was sudden, unexpected. This was the middle of a city, a building adjacent to a leafy square, where civilians walked and worked. Eight people were killed, five women and three men, according to the self-declared Luhansk People’s Republic; the authorities in Kiev reported the same tally.”

Overpriced weapons are expensive, but blood is cheap

The 50 billion euros recently offered by the European Union and the 61 billion dollars now approved by the US Congress will only prolong the war and make its end possible only after tens or hundreds of thousands more Ukrainians and Russians have been killed in an avoidable war. Meanwhile, the share prices of the war industry are at an all-time high. 

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While ordinary citizens do not support the wars, their leaders “democratically” decide over their heads to waste their taxes on more war.

At the same time, the highly corrupt Kiev regime is getting even richer while the country is bleeding to death. The war is worthwhile for the officials who don’t have to go to the front. Courtesy to the Western taxpayers whose money is squandered by their “democratic” leaders without ever being asked for consent.