The Untold Story of an Unprecedented, Ruthless Influence Operation with Global Repercussions: The Kompromat Scheme that Tricked the Powerful with Underage Sex to Blackmail Them for Israel.

The entire tale you’re not meant to know!

The scale of this espionage and influence operation, which involved a great many political and other prominent figures, can be compared with another extraordinary but more classic espionage operation that spanned 120 countries and also took many decades to uncover, as I have explained in an earlier article.

The case discussed here is less about countries and more about powerful elites who don’t want you to read the fascinating book “Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales,” which is based on a story that the mainstream media is trying to hide and about which they provide only superficial information by leaving out the really important details. 

Investigative journalist Dylan Howard who spent years investigating Epstein says: “Jeffrey Epstein grew up in blue-collar New York City, but soon found his way working on Wall Street – but he left job from job to job in controversy.” (…) “He seemingly never had a job but amassed a $600 million fortune.” (…) “He was a man who had vast estates here in New York City – including the largest townhouse in the city itself – a Palm Beach mansion, his own island in the US Virgin Islands, a home in Paris, and a ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico.” (…) “What people don’t know is that every room in every one of those homes had cameras.

Little St. James Island, one of the properties of financier Jeffrey Epstein
Little St. James Island, one of Epstein’s properties. (Source Reuters)

Most people are aware, according to the mainstream media, that Jeffrey Epstein was a wealthy pedophile who was able to buy his way out of legal trouble. However, it has escaped their notice that all or at least a significant portion of his wealth, including his real estate holdings, came from the Zionist philanthropist Les Wexner, a billionaire. 

On the one hand, Wexner had a visible charitable aspect; on the other, he was a more discreet member of the “Mega Group, a loosely organized club of 20 of the nation’s wealthiest and most influential Jewish businessmen,” according to a 1998 Wall Street Journal article. The Israel-linked Mega Group claims to meet to discuss “philanthropy,” but in reality, its altruistic motives often serve as a front for lobbying on Israel’s behalf.

Leslie Wexner, left, and Jeffrey Epstein. (Laura E. Adkins/Getty Images via JTA)
Working in tandem for Israel: Leslie Wexner, left, and Jeffrey Epstein. (Laura E. Adkins/Getty Images via JTA)

Epstein, sex offender and super spy

Above all, because Epstein was an Israeli intelligence agent, these residences were furnished with espionage tools. The daughter of Israel’s best-known British superspy Robert Maxwell, who was born into an Orthodox Jewish family in Czechoslovakia, was Ghislaine Maxwell. She became Epstein’s co-conspirator. 

Along with becoming close confidant to Hollywood stars, presidents, prime ministers, and British royalty, Epstein also made the kind of friends befitting an elite spy. From blue-colored Brooklyn, he has carved out an incredible career as a self-made man, rising to the pinnacles of wealth and power with the help of rich men. For many years, he was the main figure in an enormous espionage and influence operation in which minors were trafficked to ensnare and blackmail influential people, including academics, politicians, and even Saudi Arabian and British princes, in order to influence policy in Israel’s favor.

Clinton with Ghislaine Maxwell stand on steps of Eptsein's private jet, "The Lolita Express".
Bill Clinton and Ghislaine Maxwell stand on the steps of Epstein’s private jet, the “Lolita Express,” in 2002. (Source Mega)

Over several decades, the corruption plot remained a secret. It all collapsed in the summer of 2019 when honorable law enforcement officials apprehended this prominent member of high society for engaging in sexual trafficking. It appeared that Epstein’s most sinister secrets would at last be revealed. However, dreams of real justice were crushed when, a month later, he was discovered dead in his cell at the New York Metropolitan Correctional Center. The official verdict was suicide. To put it mildly, the timing was ideal.

Coincidentally, a close friend of his was the most powerful man in the world and was sitting in the White House when he lost his life, by whatever means. Epstein hanged himself in prison, where he was under constant observation, according to the official cause of death. However, it was impossible for him to hang himself because there were no fixtures and the bedding and clothes were made of extremely soft material that was not strong enough.

The rape and sexual abuse that over 34 confirmed juveniles experienced at the hands of Epstein’s actions have been reported by them. It is unlikely that young girls who have been intimidated and forced to remain silent will testify, so the number of unreported cases must be much higher.

Celebrities such as Bill Clinton, Bill Gates and, of course, Donald Trump were among the many close confidants. The first two kept rather quiet, as is customary in these circles, but the talkative Donald Trump made several public statements about Jeffrey Epstein: “It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about, Jeffrey enjoys his social life.” And “I know Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with.” 

Happy times: Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump spend time together, probably not alone. With who else?

When Epstein’s accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell, was arrested, President Trump said: “I just wish her well, frankly. I’ve met her numerous times over the years, especially since I lived in Palm Beach… But I wish her well, whatever it is.”

The MIGA-President

It was very embarrassing for his family and friends when a tape was leaked on which Donald Trump could be heard: “I’m automatically attracted to beautiful… —I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything … Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.” 

C:\Users\Felix Abt\Desktop\Rubbish\Trump pussy.jpg

Trump also discusses a failed attempt to seduce a woman, whose full name is not given in the tape. “I moved on her and I failed. I’ll admit it,” Trump is heard saying. “I did try and fuck her. She was married,” Trump says….“ I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there. And she was married,” Trump added.

It was probably just a small slip-up that became public and caused a stir.

Consider the scenario when the same Trump says and does even worse things in Epstein’s homes while being constantly recorded and monitored. Not out of voyeurism or amusement, but for work. Little recording and listening devices were hidden in every room and other space Epstein owned. This demonstrates Epstein’s professionalism as he worked systematically for his Israeli spymasters. Furthermore, the Mossad functions with the utmost professionalism, as do other intelligence services such as the CIA and the KGB (now the FSB), which are on an equal footing and employ similar material, known as “kompromat,” for blackmail. Needless to say, Trump was a major fish in the Mossad’s espionage net.

Since the Mossad had already set up an almost identical trap in Syria in the 1960s, the script had been known for decades. Eliahu ben Shaoul Cohen, or Eli Cohen, was a Zionist Jew of Egyptian descent who moved to Argentina after being recruited by the Mossad. There he made friends with Syrians and other Arabs and pretended to be Kamel Amin Tabeeth. Thanks to his Arab acquaintances, he was able to settle in Syria, where he provided powerful men with girls, which brought the men under Israeli control, similar to what Epstein did.

C:\Users\Felix Abt\Desktop\Rubbish\Epstein Mossad 1.jpg

It was no coincidence in Trump’s case that he became the most pro-Israel president in the United States.

Though his followers never acknowledged it, he was an even more exceptional “Make Israel Great Again” (MIGA) president than the one who ran as president of “Make America Great Again” (MAGA). Trump has made a point of being ardently supportive of Israel. His choice to deviate from his predecessors’ policies and acknowledge Jerusalem as the Israeli capital in its entirety was another indication of this. Nonetheless, since 1967, Israel has been occupying East Jerusalem in defiance of international law, and as per UN resolutions on the two-state solution, East Jerusalem is supposed to serve as the capital of the state of Palestine.

C:\Users\Felix Abt\Desktop\Rubbish\al Aqsa mosque.jpg
The violent suppression of Palestinian worshippers by Israeli police at the al-Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem “alarmed the world,” according to a report published by Firstpost in India. It may have alarmed most of the world, but not the West, whose media, which has always staunchly supported Israel despite its illegal land grabs and acts of terrorism against the Palestinian population, barely took notice.

It is evident that Trump’s official recognition of Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem has played a significant role in the escalation we are currently witnessing in Gaza, as Israel has repeatedly provoked and harassed worshipers at Al-Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem since the beginning of the year has 2023. For example, police armed with batons, tear gas grenades and smoke bombs entered the mosque and beat praying women and men, events that did not make headlines in the Western media. It is precisely these Israeli provocations that Hamas cites as the basis for its attack on Israel on October 7th.

Images that depict Donald Trump on multiple occasions with Mossad agent Jeffrey Epstein and his aide, Ghislaine Maxwell.

The Golan Heights belong to Syria and were illegally occupied by Israel, too. Yet Trump has also recognized it as territory of Greater Israel.

On Bibi Netanyahu’s quasi-order, Trump even ordered the assassination of General Soleimani, Iran’s commander-in-chief, while he was on an official visit to the capital of sovereign Iraq. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu highly praised President Trump for this. Fortunately, the cool heads in Tehran refrained from responding to this act of war with more war and did not allow themselves to be provoked.

C:\Users\Felix Abt\Desktop\Rubbish\Israel Trump.jpg
Boris Epshteyn, an American Republican political strategist, lawyer and investment banker of Jewish descent, praised Trump in his “Newsweek” op-ed (screenshot) as the “most pro-Jewish, pro-Israel president in history”.

Israel’s best friends in Washington are using taxpayer money to improve the welfare of Israelis, not Americans

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, who is not known for telling the truth, was blunt and certainly sincere when he said to his confidants: “Especially today with America, I know what America is, I know how they are, America is something you can easily maneuver, and easily move in the right direction …80% of Americans support us. It’s absurd. I wasn’t afraid to maneuver the administration.”

Benjamin Netanyahu also urged US lawmakers to impose regime change in Iraq, Libya, and Iran in front of the US Congress. They met his expectations: American wars destroyed two of the three nations, and now many pro-Israel American politicians are calling for war against Iran. The Israeli establishment regards weak Arabs – or rather, dead Arabs – as good Arabs. It is making great efforts to establish a Greater Israel without Arabs and without resistance from other countries in the region, and US politicians are supporting it in realizing its goals.

Since Israel always gets its way, it is not surprising that even the New York Times, which is strongly pro-Israeli, noticed this: 

“The $3.8 billion in annual assistance to Israel is more than 10 times as much as the U.S. sends to the far more populous nation of Niger, one of the poorest countries in the world and one under attack by jihadis. In countries such as Niger, that sum could save hundreds of thousands of lives a year, or here in the United States, it could help pay for desperately needed early childhood programs.”

“Israel has legitimate security concerns but is not in peril of being invaded by the armies of its neighbors, and it is richer per capita than Japan and some European countries.”

Espionage, honey traps with underage girls, and blackmail are not the only tactics used to sway political decision-makers in the USA towards the goals of Israeli policy. 

Instead of assisting Americans, US lawmakers are allowing Israel’s occupation forces and their genocide in Gaza to be funded with billions of taxpayer dollars due to pressure and influence from Israel and its powerful lobbyists.

A former top official at AIPAC, a pro-Israeli lobby organization and arguably America’s most powerful political organization stated: “Getting $38 billion in security aid to Israel matters, which is what AIPAC just did,” he notes at one secretly recorded lunch. “Everything AIPAC does is focused on influencing Congress.” 

Those politicians who are supported and funded by AIPAC have a chance of being elected; those who are rejected face AIPAC-funded smear campaigns to ensure they are not elected. Every presidential candidate in the US must declare their allegiance in a speech to the AIPAC before being elected.

C:\Users\Felix Abt\Desktop\Rubbish\Trump Jews.jpg
President Trump has made a statement that not all American Jews would agree with, but others are actually more committed to Israel’s interests than America’s.

Let’s take the example of Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib: She came out with a statement that Israel should stop dropping bombs on Gaza because it is indiscriminately targeting innocent civilians. And that’s a war crime. And Israel should immediately cease the aerial bombardment.


Read the related article: “Warning: This Interview Features Graphic Images of a British Doctor Trying to Save the Lives of Civilians in Gaza who were Severely Injured and Deformed by Israeli Bombs.”


So Rashida Tlaib essentially delivered a message calling for an end to the murder of innocent people. As a result, her message was suppressed by the US Congress and she was censored. The US Congress has only censored 20 people in its entire existence, i.e. in a period of 300 years. These were for offenses such as accepting bribes, sexual offenses and inappropriate sexual behavior. Speaking out against genocide (when committed by Israel) is now officially another offense in the United States!

C:\Users\Felix Abt\Desktop\Rubbish\Rashida Tlaib.jpg
Rashida Tlaib, the first Palestinian American woman, was placed on a par with criminals by the AIPAC-controlled Congress for opposing U.S.-funded Israeli war crimes against the defenseless people of Gaza.

Of course, AIPAC immediately launched a campaign to take down Rashida Tlaib by endorsing two individuals, Bill Harper and Nasser Beydoun, both Democrats from Michigan. AIPAC offered both of them $20 million in campaign contributions (which AIPAC expectedly called untrue after a public outcry) to run against Rashida Tlaib in the Democratic primary. Sure, Bibi Netanyahu’s best friends in America are doing a wonderful job.

The book that tells it all

The provocative and well-researched tome “Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales“, a riveting book that you can’t put down, explores the question of the extent to which these elites, in the crosshairs of Epstein’s espionage and influence operation, knew of his sexual proclivities and whether or not they were involved. How did the espionage and blackmail stories come about, and did the compromised elites play a role in his sudden and unexpected death. It may not necessarily have been a suicide, but it was certainly a death with a number of inconsistencies that, like those of September 11, could remain unexplained forever.
Book Cover “Dead Men Tell No Tales”

The elites remain vulnerable to further Kompromat

The idea that Mr. Epstein is not the first – and will not be the last – to cater to the hedonistic demands of the rich, powerful and famous may be frightening to many among the common folk. These elites know they can get ahead of the law by using blackmail, bribery and manipulation to amass wealth and power for themselves, with no regard for the victims they leave behind. And it is much easier for actors like Epstein to exploit their own desires and those of the elites if they can rely on powerful domestic or foreign government agencies and lobbies, most of which work in secret.