German leaders have become dangerous revanchist warmongers and historical revisionists. We should watch out!

While his predecessors in the Cold War with the Soviet Union focused on peaceful coexistence and cooperation, Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz (pictured) announced a “Zeitenwende”, literally a historic turning point, to massively rearm Germany, even though it had proclaimed “nie wieder”, literally never again after the Second World War. The aggressive push is again directed against Russia, which has been repeatedly invaded by Germany.

No slander is too great for Russia-haters: the German defence minister compares Putin, whose brother was starved to death by the German Wehrmacht, with Hitler, whose serious crimes he simultaneously relativizes.

In a flood of Churchill biographies that treat him with reverence, there is hardly any book that seriously addresses his documented racism. Churchill (1874-1965) is recorded as praising the “Aryan stock” and insisting that it was right to put “a stronger race, a superior race” in the place of the native peoples. 

During a guest lecture at the launch of yet another book in honor of the controversial British statesman outside the collective West, German Defense Minister Pistorius proclaimed that Europe must prepare for a major Russian attack. Although there is no evidence that Russia has any intention of attacking Europe, it makes sense that a German minister would not only take the opportunity to demonize Russia but also honor a deceased fellow Aryan stock member and a prominent British white supremacist at the launch of the book dedicated to him.

C:\Users\Felix Abt\Downloads\Churchill.jpg
CNN headline by Richard Toye, a professor of history at the University of Exeter. The German defense minister holds racist Churchill in high regard. 

Building on his statement, Pistorius then warned that Putin’s aggression would not stop once the war against Ukraine was over, as he and Hitler had “made that clear”. 

In exact wording: „Putin will not stop when the war against Ukraine is over, he has said that clearly. Just as clearly as Hitler, who also always said that he would not stop.“

C:\Users\Felix Abt\Downloads\putin.png
A more recent caricature of Putin in The Guardian (left) looks exactly like Nazi propaganda (right). The British caricature could just as easily have been published in a German newspaper.


“Stereotypes are used as a favorable prism to simplify and interpret world events. Historically, the West and Russia have been juxtaposed as European and civilized versus Asiatic and barbaric, which was incrementally expressed through ideology as democracy versus authoritarian. Filtering relations and events through dichotomous stereotypes representing good versus evil diminishes the relevance of objective reality and reason. The image of an inferior Russia results in two distinctive portrayals: utter derision for Russian backwardness, and simultaneously as an overwhelming threat against civilization. The superior-inferior relationship infers that Russia can either accept the role as a civilizing object of the West or be contained and defeated.” – Glenn Diesen


When Pistorius compares Russian President Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler, he not only demonstrates a lack of historical knowledge but also a blatant lack of humanity. Pistorius is the highest superior of all Bundeswehr personnel. The German Wehrmacht waged an extermination war against the Russians from June 1941, and Adolf Hitler was the main man responsible for the mass murder of millions of Jews, Sinti, and Roma as well as the slaughter of 15 million Soviet citizens.

Boris Pistorius in einem Leopard 2 A6 des Panzerbataillons 203 der Bundeswehr.
Ready for another invasion of Russia? Top German generals went over preparations for a war against Russia in a recently leaked conference call. Leading German politicians are once again calling for the war to be taken to Russia. Defense Minister Boris Pistorius sits here in a Leopard 2 A6 tank of the German Army’s 203 Tank Battalion.

Vladimir Putin was born in 1952. His older brother Viktor V. Putin was born in 1940 and died as an infant in 1942 as a result of the 872-day siege of Leningrad, as St. Petersburg was known in Soviet times, by the German army. More than half a million citizens of this city died as a result of starvation at the hands of the Germans.

It is also noteworthy that numerous functionaries of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), to which Pistorius belongs, were arrested by Hitler and sent to concentration camps.

The defense ministry spokesman’s response to a question from a journalist from “Nachdenkseiten”, an independent German internet magazine outside the mainstream media bubble, asking if Pistorius or his spokesman could kindly provide specific quotes to back up the claim that Putin had “clearly said” that he would “not stop” after Ukraine, i.e. that he was planning an attack on NATO member states, is also indicative of the current state of the leading political class in Germany.   

The completely legitimate journalistic question about the specific source of an alleged quote – also with the geopolitical implications that such a statement, if it was actually made, could entail – was answered in this form by the spokesperson of the Ministry of Defense as seen in the below video:

“I need to slow down my pulse right now. If the history since 2007 isn’t evidence enough for the minister’s statements, then I can’t help you either.”

The spokesman for the Ministry of Defense first gets angry about a question about source evidence for a statement by the minister and then declares that, since there is obviously no reliable evidence, “history since 2007” would be “evidence enough”.

In 2007, what took place? Why is this year, of all dates, what the Ministry of Defense spokesman refers to?

Putin delivered a widely praised address at the 43rd Munich Security Conference on February 9, 2007. It was the first time a head of state from Russia had been invited to the yearly gathering of the NATO states’ political, military, and arms industry. Putin expressly denounced NATO’s eastward expansion and US ambitions to place weapons close to Russia’s borders back in Munich in 2007: “We are experiencing more and more aversion to the basic principles of international law,” the Russian head of state explained and continued:

“And legal norms that should be independent are in fact increasingly converging with the legal system of a single state. One state – and here, of course, I am speaking first and foremost of the United States – has transcended its national borders in every respect. This is demonstrated by the economic, political, cultural, and educational standards it imposes on other nations. Who likes that? Who is happy about it?”

Putin concluded with an appeal to “think very seriously about the architecture of global security and seek a reasonable balance between the interests of all participants in the international dialog”.

Furthermore, Pistorius’ unsubstantiated claim that a Hitleresque “Putin will not stop” is backed up with, of all things, an allusion to 2007 and this speech, which comes across as a bad joke! But it’s hardly surprising what the revanchist Ministry of Defense has come up with here.

Germany’s cruel double standards.

Although the German government constantly emphasizes Germany’s responsibility for World War II and steadfastly supports Israel’s genocide of the Palestinians because of the six million Jews the Nazis murdered, it pays no attention to the 27 million victims the same Nazis claimed in the Soviet Union and even refuses to compensate them.

Even ordinary families traveling to a southern European vacation destination via Germany are having their cars, suitcases and even lipsticks confiscated by German customs authorities just because they are Russian! Read more in the article “Are Russians the new Jews?” (Screenshot of a report by the German news channel NTV: “Customs confiscate cars from Russian tourists”)

The German government’s anti-Russian stance has now taken another turn for the worse, which would have pleased its predecessors, the German rulers from 1933 to 1945. Officially, Russian representatives were no longer invited to the commemorations of the “International Day of Liberation of Prisoners of Nazi Concentration Camps” this year, even though Soviet soldiers had liberated the majority of the camps and millions of Soviet prisoners of war were imprisoned in Nazi concentration camps.
Russian troops liberating the prisoners of the German concentration camps at Auschwitz

By keeping Russia out of the event, the anti-Russian German elites hope to erode historical memory and the veracity of the Second World War narrative. They are demonstrating that they are both revanchists and historical revisionists. They are marching once more against “evil” Russia, at least in their own thoughts, just as they did in 1941.

Given the dangerous warmongering of German politicians and their media allies, it is reasonable for everyone to be on their guard against another world war breaking out sooner or later, for the third and final time from German soil to the east.

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