The next German ruling party, led by a former BlackRock manager, has just declared war on Moscow and is stirring up anti-Russian sentiment, just as its predecessors did eighty years ago.

Germany invaded Russia in June 1941. This German propaganda poster from the summer of 1943 calls for people to “build weapons for the front.” Today’s German politicians are once again calling for Germany to arm itself for the next war against Russia. (Source: Dr. Robert D. Brooks)

From chaos to military goose march in Berlin

Who would have thought that after the massive military support and billions of taxpayer dollars for the US-led military and economic war against Russia, using Ukrainian personnel and sacrificing hundreds of thousands of lives in an avoidable war, that the current coalition of colorful, green-red-yellow politicians in Berlin would not have already done everything possible to enforce US policy throughout Germany and the rest of Europe? The German Foreign Minister claimed that the massive economic sanctions were about “ruining the Russian economy”, but in reality, they were primarily damaging Germany’s economy while boosting America’s.

It is now becoming clear that this was just the beginning because under the next government, which will be led by the CDU/CSU, the current opposition parties, things will get even wilder.

The former chairman of BlackRock Germany with a questionable past is well on his way to becoming the next German Chancellor

Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel was replaced as CDU chairperson by Friedrich Merz following her party’s election defeat. In order to become the leader of the opposition and chancellor in waiting, he resigned from his position as chairman of the German branch of BlackRock, the world’s largest asset management company. He pledged to reform the party’s policies. The pro-American hardliner Merz was of the opinion that Angela Merkel, who was by no means a fan of Vladimir Putin, was too close to Moscow and too far away from Washington.

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An article (see screenshot above) detailing Friedrich Merz’s close ties to shadow banks and “dark pools” was published by the German state news agency DW. However, the article has since been removed, most likely due to political pressure. Among other things, the report refers to the so-called Cum-Ex business scandal, in which BlackRock and the former mayor of Hamburg and current chancellor Olaf Scholz were involved, in which the German tax authorities were defrauded of around twelve billion euros in tax money. For Europe as a whole, the damage is estimated at 55 billion euros.

It’s BlackRock that’s in the driver’s seat

BlackRock, a powerful company and former employer of Friedrich Merz, has a significant influence on American politics, as well as the politics of many other countries. It also benefits from insider information thanks to its extensive network of contacts both inside and outside of political and state players. For instance, BlackRock manages the pension funds for Mexico while also holding the businesses they invest in. It also has been overseeing US securities purchases on behalf of the Israel Central Bank. Former head of Switzerland’s central bank Philipp Hildebrand was appointed vice chairman of BlackRock. Former British chancellor George Osborne is a senior advisor. 

An agreement has been reached with the Ukrainian Zelensky government to help rebuild the war-torn country and take advantage of the large and extremely fertile area that American agribusinesses want to exploit to sell agricultural products at lower prices throughout Europe, which, incidentally, will bankrupt the continent’s farmers. It also obtained a contract from the European Commission to provide advice on a project to incorporate climate change into EU banking regulations. This is despite the fact that BlackRock is the world’s largest institutional investor in fossil fuels…

As Germany’s future chancellor, Friedrich Merz will surely be BlackRock’s most important ally and a key to even more business opportunities on the Old Continent. He will become most valuable if he can help bring down the Putin government, which is hampering BlackRock’s efforts to acquire the largest natural resources in the world’s largest country, as the demonized Russian leader’s government serves Russia’s interests rather than those of America and its giant, oligarch-controlled corporations.

Highwaymen like in the Middle Ages

The right to property is considered one of the most sacred rights in the West. The Western system regards the nationalization of private property as contrary to the system and wrong. For Friedrich Merz and his party, however, this does not apply to Russian property! In a motion tabled by the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the German Bundestag, it calls on the government to

“work vigorously at international and EU level to ensure that Russian assets, especially Russian state foreign exchange reserves abroad, benefit Ukraine to the extent legally possible.”

But even more incisive is the demand in its motion to execute

“the delivery of long-range weapons systems and ammunition to enable Ukraine to carry out targeted attacks on strategically relevant targets far to the rear of the Russian aggressor in accordance with international law…”.

Colonel Kiesewetter, a former member of the German armed forces and CDU member of the Bundestag, maybe the next defense minister. He recently demanded that long-range weapons be sent to Ukraine so that it can “take the war to Russia.” He has even made it clear publicly that he wants to destroy the Russian ministries, and he was not bluffing. Therefore, the CDU/CSU requests in its motion to

“support Ukraine in its fight against Russia through the immediate delivery of requested weapons systems (including TAURUS) and types of ammunition available in Germany, and to assume European leadership and coordination in this regard.”

Accordingly, the CDU-CSU wants to arm the Ukrainians with German Taurus missiles, which they are to fire at Russian ministries and the Kremlin. In that case, Russian Kinzhal missiles could blow up not the Ukrainian thugs, but the Berlin offices of Kiesewetter and his party colleagues, as part of Russian retaliation. Have these blind-eyed warmongers by America’s grace not thought this through?!,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
No one took the ramblings of current green(horn) Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (pictured), WEF Schwab darling and one of his Young Global Leaders, seriously when she told the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) in Strasbourg on January 24, 2023, that “We are waging a war against Russia and not against each other.” This is because she fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down. However, the war talk of her successor should be taken very seriously, because he will be of the same ilk as the warmongering arsonists Merz and Kiesewetter.

A fierce propaganda war in preparation for a bloody military war

Even more crucial, however, is the part of the CDU/CSU motion that calls for 

“educating the population about the resulting challenges and thus creating an awareness of the threat”. 

This describes the government’s anti-Russian war propaganda and the incitement of the German people against the “enemy” Russia. The portrayal of Russia as a dangerous threat is intended to stir up fears and promote a belligerent mood, even though it is not. 

A useful idiot for the powerful string-pullers on the other side of the Atlantic Merz, at the German BlackRock headquarters. According to the latest opinion polls, his party is far ahead of the other parties in voter favor. 

The propaganda narrative regurgitated by the CDU/CSU was fed to German politicians by American neoconservatives linked to the US military-industrial complex, as General Harald Kujat, former Chief of Staff of the German armed forces and former Chairman of the NATO Military Commission, explains in this lecture.

The propaganda of the German government, the CDU/CSU, and the media is having an effect. The German news portal NTV reports: “Majority of Germans see Russia as a threat”. (Screenshot NTV headline)

Anti-Slavic and Russophobic sentiments have been an undercurrent in Germany for centuries. And ever since the assassination of the Tsar, German propaganda, especially that of the Nazis, claimed that the Jewish-Bolshevik ruling clique in Moscow had planned the destruction of Europe. German propaganda, as shown in the poster below, instilled fear in the German population of these dangerous sub-humans, as the Slavs (and the Jews) were called. Of course, today’s German elite does not speak of Untermenschen but maintains the fiction that Russia is a danger to Europe.

The above-mentioned German propaganda makes the following claim: “The SOVIET ARMY, a terrible threat to Europe. The conquest of Europe — the goal of the Bolshevik attack army.”

This German propaganda poster shows a happy, good-looking German mother with her child, who is threatened by ugly, Jewish-Bolshevik subhumans. 

The following card is a French postcard that reflects a different perspective, namely the perception of Germans by non-Germans as it existed during the First and Second World Wars.

C:\Users\Felix Abt\Desktop\Rubbish\German warmonger.jpg

The smear campaign against Russia obscures the reality

Russia has never endangered Germany and has no potential conflicts of interest with it, so the conspiracy idea renewed in Berlin that it poses an “existential threat” to Germany is absurd. Russia has also not behaved aggressively towards Germany and there are no territorial disputes.

On the contrary, Russia has long wanted to offer Germany its cheap raw materials, especially gas and oil, which form the basis of German industry and prosperity. In the recent Tucker-Carlson interview, the Russian president emphasized that Germany could continue to receive Russian gas supplies from the one Nord Stream pipeline that its opponents have been unable to destroy. “Please!” he exclaimed, presumably addressing the German audience.

Furthermore, the West, not Russia, was the one to impose the sanctions first. Notably, the European Union’s harsh sanctions on Russia were spearheaded by the German government. Since the early days of Willy Brandt’s Ostpolitik, Russia has also always been interested in positive relations with Germany because it has been a pillar of stability in Europe for many years, particularly during periods of political crisis. Germany’s alleged reliance on Russian raw materials was not used by Russia as leverage against Germany. This is a tactic that the US regularly uses along with other coercive measures against non-submissive governments, and ironically, Washington and its vassals in the West are projecting this tactic onto Russia.

History is repeating itself: Germany will once again become a bitter enemy of Russia and a danger to the world

Perversely, if Friedrich Merz and his political steel-helmeted comrades take over the command, we may wish back this colorful, unruly troupe that is now calling the shots in Berlin. Merz will become Germany’s most anti-Russian chancellor since Adolf Hitler, risking war again, unlike the chancellors before this radical neoconservative who favored détente and peaceful coexistence with Russia (and showed great skill in not enraging the American occupation forces).

The new German elite is completely detached, it lacks an awareness of historical context, and it is becoming increasingly revanchist, as I have explained in detail in this essay. As if that were not enough, it now seems that the Germans, who have already fought two world wars in which they slaughtered tens of millions of Russians, must start a third and ultimately last one from German soil.


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