No Business is like Political Show Business: The German Foreign Minister narrowly “escapes” from a Russian drone on the Ukrainian war front in designer clothes and high heels.

When a courageous Western pioneer and top politician visited the dangerous war zone of Kiev

The American president’s security forces did not drag him to a bomb-proof bunker when he was filmed leaving a church with President Zelensky during his “surprise visit” to Kiev last year, despite sirens warning of an impending Russian airstrike. Instead, they watched with unwavering confidence as the president strolled outdoors.

The Western media praised him for his bravery and courage in resisting Russian aggression. What they did not report was that Washington had informed Moscow before Biden’s visit to Kiev and that Russia had not attacked any military targets (while always leaving shopping malls, churches, and crowded discos alone) in Kiev during his visit. Nevertheless, it was a successful PR coup in Ukraine’s political show business.,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
“Heroic” US President Joe Biden strolls from St. Michael’s Cathedral with his tour guide Volodymyr Zelensky during his surprise visit to Kiev amid Ukrainian bomb warnings.

But no one is a better showman or — to put it politically correctly — a showperson than the German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock: just in time for the second anniversary of Russia’s “unprovoked war of aggression”, she appeared in designer clothes and high heels on the Ukrainian-Russian war front. Her aim was to once again “set an example” in the NATO war in defense of democracy and freedom in Ukraine.

The small detail that even America’s South Vietnamese president allowed presidential elections to take place during the much more violent Vietnam War, while his equally corrupt Ukrainian counterpart, who also repressed the opposition, the media and minorities, canceled new presidential elections, did not appear in her narrative.

High-speed high heels save the German Foreign Minister in a dangerous war zone

Baerbock had visited the waterworks in the city of Mykolaiv. However, she did not stay as long as planned. Something incredibly serious (similar to the announcement of an airstrike during Biden’s visit to Kiev) forced her to abruptly end her trip to southern Ukraine: A Russian drone was spotted, suggesting that an attack might be imminent. The delegation hurriedly returned to the armored vehicles. It was a surreal scene: Baerbock escapes without a protective vest, without a helmet and without flat shoes! The Green politician obviously did not expect any obstacles.

Images depict Baerbock trampling through debris and other loose objects at the war front while wearing high heels. Perhaps it was a smart move by a woman known for her extremely high intelligence quotient: high heels reduce the surface area and therefore the risk of stepping directly on a mine vent.,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
Annalena Baerbock’s preferred shoe model “Drone Escape”

A new fashion star is making headlines on the war front in Ukraine

The German VIP was also dressed fully in cream and beige, colors that she may believe go well with the ruinous remnants. She seemed to have not harmed the short wrap coat by British high-street clothing brand Ted Baker, which retails for 400–500 euros.,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

As “X” (formerly Twitter) proves, the Foreign Minister’s “le dernier cri” has already inspired innovative designers to create new fashion lines. Two years ago, Baerbock decided on a different outfit while visiting the front in Ukraine. At that time, the courageous Green politician appropriately wore NATO Green and blue combat gear — with flat shoes.,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
Another time, another style: Baerbock in then fashionable military clothing during an earlier visit to Ukraine.

When discussing style deities, the names of Jacqueline Kennedy, Lady Diana, and Grace Kelly come to mind right away. Annalena Baerbock now falls into this category as well, according to German women’s publications; fashion bloggers gush over her distinctive “Annalena style” — uncomplicated, classy, and sans frills.

Actually, there’s not much to critique about the German Foreign Minister’s current clothing sense, which stands in astonishing contrast to her political style, which even her own diplomats make jokes about. Put differently, a lot of Germans would be content if Baerbock made headlines for her fashion style rather than her frequent blunders in speech and diplomacy.

The transformation of Baerbock’s wardrobe sounds a lot like a Cinderella story. She used to dress quite casually, but never wore rags; as a green politician, she paid homage to a rather unpretentious eco-look that was sometimes very sober. She also appeared on talk shows in neat floral dresses for years.

From green(horn) Cinderella to Princess in a high office in Germania

However, the new wardrobe items that came with the ministerial office, such as the gold robe and cashmere coat, are not gifts from a fairy godmother, but from the taxpayer. And so the fairytale of Baerbock’s fashionable rise comes to an abrupt end.

Accordingly, Baerbock does not have a good style of her own, but only when she is advised and staged by expensive stylists, which is well known. German newspapers reported that “the cost of powdering, make-up and styling” has risen rapidly since the change of government in 2021. “Our foreign minister, in particular, dug deep into taxpayers’ pockets: Annalena Baerbock’s make-up artist was paid a whopping 136,500 euros last year.”

And as you would expect in show business, there is always a cameraman or photographer nearby to photograph her from the best angle and in the best light. And they aren’t cheap either, but that doesn’t matter because the costs are borne by the generous German taxpayer.

Last but not least: The content she advocates has changed, as has her appearance: just a few years ago she was committed to “creating peace without weapons.” Now she cannot demand enough weapons for Ukraine, probably to create more and more peace, especially in the many new cemeteries in this country.,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
From the former green eco-look with bicycle to the stylish Annalena look, in which she never misses an opportunity to jet around the world in an airplane with record-breaking CO2 emissions to lecture the world on the merits of German green, feminist and woke virtues while letting her bicycle rust.

Baerbock is not only known for her fashionable extravagance and her moral sermons to foreign governments but also for her double standards and self-importance. For example, she lets government planes fly around senselessly: This happened over a year ago and has now been uncovered by BILD: Annalena Baerbock had a government plane and its crew flown from Cologne to Copenhagen and then back empty (1290 kilometers) — just so she could get to Berlin three hours earlier than planned because an appointment in Denmark had fallen through.

Even though she didn’t have to be in Berlin, she imperiously demanded to return immediately. She could have gone to Tivoli or studied files until the three hours in Copenhagen were up. Other mortal men would do that. But Annalena Baerbock is indispensable and terribly important. Or at least that’s how she acts.

Another well-known German model whose favorite color is NATO green

Baerbock is not the only one: there are also other famous models in politics. One of them is Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann (pictured below), a lobbyist for the German war industry in the German Bundestag and a top candidate for the European elections.

She likes to show herself wearing a Radical Chic T-shirt, popular among German warmongers, that shows a blue bull face with flared nostrils, where it is written: “Together until victory”. As with their ancestors 80 years ago, what is meant here is “total victory” against Russia. Taurus is a long-range German missile that revanchist German politicians want to hand over to Ukrainian Bandera nationalists so that they can, as these Germans say, destroy Russian oil refineries, infrastructure, and ministries.,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

The slogan on her t-shirt used to be shouted at protests calling for “victory in the people’s war” and was called “Hasta la muerte”. However, the liberal legislator couldn’t really have meant “together until death”, right? To keep one’s conscience free, it is better to let others die.

Has Baerbock achieved anything else besides her fashion status?

You may now be wondering what Baerbock has achieved other than fame and a high income in a career in which she has been known to falsify her CV. Well, she has failed miserably with her obviously most important goal, namely to ruin Russia economically. She has done all the more to severely damage German industry in favor of American industry and to bury the German economic miracle once and for all. Instead of acting as a diplomat to avert the avoidable war, she did everything she could to fuel the crisis and heat up the proxy war in Ukraine. Either she is so stupid and naive that she doesn’t know what is explained below, or she was bought:

Ukraine has always been about the interests of the United States, which sees China and Russia as adversaries that challenge its hegemonic status around the globe. So it’s more about undermining Russia than supporting Ukraine. Washington also employs a time-honored Anglo-Saxon strategy, as this article explains in detail. The citizens of Germany and the other EU members want peace and a prosperous economy, so the policies of both elected and unelected European politicians that run counter to their interests are fatal. But as Annalena Baerbock so sincerely expressed, she (like many other European politicians) will support the proxy war in Ukraine “as long as it takes” and “no matter what my voters think.”

America’s long-term imperial goals, regardless of fashion trends

Peaceful, neighborly coexistence and greater prosperity would have been easy to achieve if Baerbock and the other high-ranking EU officials had pressured Kiev (regardless of whether this suited the US) for Ukraine’s neutral status and the rights of ethnic minorities of the country because that’s all Russia ever wanted.

However, the USA was keen to include Ukraine in NATO because the offensive alliance (which was used in the unprovoked American wars of aggression in Serbia, Libya and Afghanistan, among other things) serves as an instrument of American supremacy. Had NATO forces suddenly found themselves along the 2,000 km long shared border between Ukraine and Russia and just a few hundred kilometers from Moscow and the former Stalingrad, it would have posed a serious threat to Russia and would have significantly weakened its military defenses. Given Ukraine’s impending NATO membership and numerous NATO “advisers” already in the country to build and massively rearm the new NATO army, Russia had no choice but to use military force to prevent this in February 2022.

And this after Russia had watched this escalating development for years, still trusting in Minsk negotiations and perhaps naively relying on the West’s false promises and lies, and after its numerous demands for security guarantees and red lines had been simply ignored.

The strategic approach of the collective West, which is more petty than informed and analytical

Russia’s special military operation, aimed at achieving its limited objectives (and not conquering all of Ukraine, as the West falsely claimed), triggered an economic war with massive sanctions as well as massive military investments by the US and its supporters against Russia. Yet they failed to destroy Russia’s economy, weaken the Russian military and isolate it internationally — due to arrogant and ignorant assessments of the enemy and themselves, as described by the Chinese general and strategist Sun Tzu more than two millennia ago.,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

As a consequence, the USA was looking for a way to avoid further expensive and self-defeating support for the hopeless Ukraine project from January 2023. The goal was already achieved at the end of 2023 because the USA had massively scaled back its catastrophic military and financial commitment. Aid from the USA is only a trickle compared to a year ago.

And the winner is…

As the US is withdrawing from its disastrous “Ukraine” project, the EU and its member states are voluntarily throwing more good money at the bad, which is lost in the sinkhole of the Kiev regime and its futile attempts to achieve a victory over Russia. European leaders are doing this to the detriment of their citizens, who are not asked whether their tax money should be used for themselves, that is, for better infrastructure, the education of their children, in health and social services, where the money is missing, or for lower taxes. During a working year, a German citizen only works half the year for himself and the other half year for the state, which would rather waste his money in an unwinnable NATO war than make his life easier.,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
According to the German Economic Institute (IW), an industrial employee in Germany works exclusively for the state and social security until mid-August. In the USA, however, the tax-free period begins around three months earlier, according to the IW report published in 2000. It is doubtful whether anything has improved since then. (Screenshot from German newspaper Tagesspiegel)

This European policy of continuing to spend money on the Kiev regime not only saves Washington from a serious loss of face and prestige, but also benefits the Americans in other ways, namely by continuing the entirely European-funded campaign to undermine Russia and Europe itself. Baerbock and other loyal European government officials are a blessing for US strategists.

When wars become fashionable and fashion becomes an instrument of war.

Like fashion, conflicts never go out of style, and Western war industries can cheerfully attest to this, not least in Ukraine. Additionally, for politicians and lawmakers such as U.S. Senator Graham, who has backed every potential American war, including those in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Iran, and Ukraine. Of course, the war businesses generously pay for his services and those of other supporting politicians with blood on their hands. The media makes money off of war as well. War is practically as popular as sex and gets a lot of clicks, even far more popular than fashion. But the “Beauty and the Beast” pairing is the most delightful:

Olena Zelenska, the wife of the president, looks lovely in front of the burned-out wreckage of a war jet, doesn’t she? She is gorgeous as well as wealthy, as evidenced by the “Pandora Papers.” She would eventually appear as a fashion model on the cover of Vogue, captured by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz.,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

Zelenska, described by Vogue as a “beacon of light for her people,” wears on some photos a rust-red shirt with the same “rusty color” as burnt-out tanks. The American magazine also admires her as “graceful”, “dignified” and “elegant”.

Vogue very aptly states that her husband wears an olive shirt and pants! He became famous as a comedian who played the piano with his pants down and using his exposed body part, so it must have been important to bring this up.

German fashion icon Annalena Baerbock must have been incredibly jealous of the attention the Ukrainian fashion star was receiving. Still, there’s hope for Annalena that one day she’ll make it onto the cover of Vogue before a downed Taurus rocket. We wish her good luck.

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