Yes, North Korean weapons are killing Ukrainians, but it is a false issue

The BBC has once again proved that it can dumb down any headline by announcing that “North Korean Weapons Are Killing Ukrainians”. The aim of this was obviously to cause faux horror, but the reality is that this is a complete non-issue.

Said report which came just five days ago stated that certain missiles, which had been used by Russia and since forensically analyzed had come from North Korea. The “evidence” was that Korean writing was found on some of the remnants and that shock horror the misses had killed people. 

The shock element was because apparently North Korea should not be supplying weapons due to the sanctions against the DPRK. The reality of course though is that Russia is now arguably under even worse sanctions, which to no ones surprise has drawn the two nations closer together.

This has been evidenced by the visit of Lavrov to Pyongyang (link to EA), as well as even Marshall Kim Jong Un visiting Russia. And this is further backed up by the fact that satellite images show ships taking stuff from Rason to Russia. 

Are North Korean weapons going to Russia?

Of course the obvious answer to this is not just yes, but that we really should not be surprised, no matter how the BBC et all (link) try to scaremonger with it.

Let us not forget that the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) was put under some of the most oppressive set of sanctions that world has ever seen. These sanctions not only did not work, as they have never worked in any country, but largely just affected ordinary people. 

In this respects and as often been opined by experts they were in essence simply projectionist minded against a state that had no interest in dealing with the United States. 

Said sanctions also pushed the DPRK into such a corner that as soon as a global power and former ally like Russia reached out to them of course they would reply favorably. The west have pushed North Korea and Russia firmly into each other others arms ads allies and allies help each other out in times of war.

North Korean weapons are killing Ukrainians

Of course while all this means that the headline that “North Korean Weapons are Killing Ukrainians” is factually accurate, it also shows blatant western hypocrisy that any 3rd party can see.

Yes a very small amount of North Korean weapons are helping Russia in its war against Ukraine, the simple fact is that the majority of Russian arms are supplied by Russian industry and its own war machine.

Compare and contrast this with the Ukraine who receive almost 100% of their ammunition from the big NATO loaning Ponzi scheme. By this rationale we can thereby state that 100$ of Russian deaths are caused by the west and the fact that there is still so much death and destruction is because of NATO and its allies. 

One should let this sink in, alongside our own culpability before shedding crocodile tears over the few deaths caused by North Korean ammunition.