Ukrainian Children Allegedly Abducted by Russia Have Been Found in Germany. And the Western Media Remain Silent.

And why the International Criminal Court is a political court that serves Western interests.

Berlin has now meekly confirmed the whereabouts of 161 young people in Germany who the International Criminal Court has accused Russia of kidnapping. Ivan Vygovsky, the commander of the Ukrainian national police, said that the children had always been in Germany:

“Thanks to our cooperation with the law enforcement agencies of the FRG (…) 161 Ukrainian children who were wanted as forcibly abducted children were found in Germany.”

“Kidnapped” children hidden in Germany

Speaking on behalf of the Federal Criminal Police Office of the Federal Republic of Germany, Jakob Berdanz stated the following about the children discovered in Germany:

“The vast majority of those sought entered Germany accompanied by legal guardians or voluntary escorts as part of a joint flight from the war zone.”

The identity of children brought into the country by legal guardians has been known for a long time. This means that the German authorities were aware of the presence of these children in Germany. Nevertheless, they blatantly concealed this information from the criminal court.

Malicious Western propaganda portrays the rescue of the children as kidnapping

The claims that minors were forcibly taken to Russia have originated from Ukraine and have never been verified by impartial organizations. Following their compilation, the lists were provided to “international organizations” by Ukrainian officials. The process is usually the same: Kiev accuses Russia of being behind any and all crimes, including Butscha. In response, Russia demands that an independent panel of inquiry clarify the crimes, which might have been committed by Ukraine itself just as well. The Western powers, for example in the UN Security Council, consistently reject this demand because the results would obviously be embarrassing for them.

The creative issuing of international arrest warrants

Nevertheless, the Russian Commissioner for the Rights of the Child and President Putin became the target of international arrest warrants issued by the International Criminal Court solely on the basis of the allegations made by the Ukrainians. The spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, explained on her Telegram channel that the arrest warrants had been obtained in an extremely bizarre manner. We have translated her message here because the Western propaganda media censor any material from Russia and elsewhere that contradicts their distorted narrative:

“Now we will unravel the whole chain of events that led to the politicised and legally void decision of the International Pseudo Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague on arrest warrants against Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Ombudswoman for Children’s Rights to the President Maria Lvova-Belova.

This script has a British author. And he is apparently a novice.

On 21 February 2023, ICC Judge Antoine Kesia-Mbe Mindua (Democratic Republic of Congo) was replaced in the ICC Pre-Trial Chamber by Costa Rican representative (and Oxford graduate) Sergio Gerardo Ugalde Godinez, who is ready to serve the West.

This gave the British lobby the upper hand in the chamber. But a personal factor was needed for the British to have absolute control over the ICC’s decisions.

That is why on the same day, 21 February, the brother of ICC prosecutor Karim Khan, former British MP Imran Khan, who is accused of paedophilia, was released early from an English prison. He had served less than half of his sentence there.

The next step is logical and predictable: On 22 February, just one day later, public prosecutor Karim Khan sent a submission to the Pre-Trial Chamber requesting approval of the ‘arrest warrants’. One gets the impression that Karim Khan himself did not believe in London and was waiting for confirmation of the promises to release his paedophile brother from prison.

But still nothing happens, the chamber hesitates.

London then organises a donor conference for the International Criminal Court, sets a date – 20 March – and openly hints to the International Criminal Court that results must be available before this date if The Hague wants to see British transfers.

The judges are easy to buy.

On 17 March, four days after the public announcement of the conference and three days before it takes place, the ICC issues the arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian Ombudswoman for Children’s Rights Lvova-Belova.

The ICC rulings are all a cheap scenario played with British money.

Only now the ICC officials themselves are on the (Russian, ed.) wanted list.” (end of translation)

“Kidnapping”, or more precisely the rescue of children from war zones, is condemned by the West

Russia has taken children away from the conflict zone, as any responsible warring party should do, and resettled them in safer areas. If the children come forward, their guardians in Ukraine can get them back without any problems. However, this is hardly common, as most of the children Russia evacuates are orphans.

Ukraine Claims Over 26,000 Missing Since Russia Invaded In 2022
War zones are not a good place for children (picture of a town in the Donbas where many Russian-speaking people live who have been discriminated against and bombed by the Kiev regime since 2014)

Russia promised the inhabitants of Kherson, who wanted to seek safety from the Ukrainian army during the evacuation of the city, accommodation in Russia. Certificates were issued to each Kherson family that applied for evacuation, allowing them to buy flats anywhere in Russia. The value of the certificates was based on the size of the family, and they were allocated a certain number of square metres depending on their size. The amounts were unexpectedly high and were enough to avoid having to take out a second mortgage to buy an equivalent flat.

Indiscriminate killings in Kherson while under Kiev’s occupation

Many people have been openly threatened by the Kiev regime, which is why a return to Ukrainian rule is life-threatening for them. Therefore, contrary to what the Western media portray, the Russian evacuation offer has its reasons. A former adviser to the Ukrainian president has made no secret of this in public statements:

“Teachers and kindergarten teachers should remember that they are not nice aunts, but criminals towards whom there is no sentimentality. The weather is such that it means either death or prison. We, as an absolutely European country, will not play with any sentimentality or leniency.”

C:\Users\Felix Abt\Downloads\Bander regime.jpg
Since taking power during the violent Western-backed Maidan coup against the democratically elected government in 2014, the neo-Nazi Bandera regime in Kiev has been mercilessly hunting down Russian-speaking citizens it considers to be fundamentally pro-Russian (headline screenshot Daily Mail)

When Kherson was occupied by the Ukrainian armed forces, Ukrainian soldiers documented in detail in Telegram how they indiscriminately hunted down and slaughtered those they thought were Russian collaborators.

The allegedly abducted children

As Russia has not ratified the Court’s convention (nor has its opponent, the USA) and therefore does not fall within its jurisdiction, the International Criminal Court’s arrest warrant against President Putin and other Russian officials is legally null and void. Nevertheless, the issuance of the arrest warrant, which was welcomed by the US and its Western supporters, is a further setback for international law and shows that this is not an impartial investigation but a politically motivated case.

It concerns the purported “deportation” of Ukrainian children. The issue is that Russia’s adversaries have merely made unfounded claims in place of supporting proof. The German anti-Russian publication Der Spiegel reported it as follows:

‘A study by the American Yale University had recently identified a network of camps in Russia in which 6000 Ukrainian children were allegedly housed. In March, the Ukrainian government spoke of more than 16,000 abducted children.’

The claim that this is supported by a “study by the American Yale University” seems credible. This “study” lacks credible evidence to support the claims, which makes it problematic as it is not an impartial or independent investigation. As an alternative, the study is a component of the Conflict Observatory project, which the US State Department announced on May 17, 2022. The initiative was funded with an initial grant of $6 million to document purported war crimes committed by Russia. The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), two US intelligence agencies, are among the other organizations involved in the Conflict Observatory initiative.

The peculiar composition of the staff of the Court of Justice

In addition to what Maria Zakharova shared on Telegram, we must also draw attention to the fact that the International Criminal Court, in line with the policies of its supporters in the EU, is investigating alleged Russian crimes but not Israel’s apparent genocide against the Palestinians. Given the agenda of its supporters, it is not surprising that the Court has issued arrest warrants against Russians and not Israelis. The Court’s judges are predominantly Western nationals, which explains their overtly political decision-making. Of the eight judges from NATO (Czech Republic, United Kingdom, France, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Canada), eleven judges currently serving on the Court are from Western countries under the leadership of the United States; the remaining three judges are from countries also under American influence.

The International Criminal Court is guaranteed to implement the political agenda of the West due to the provenance of individuals responsible. And in fact, this is precisely what we observe, as the International Criminal Court has never looked into the actions of US presidents. George Bush Junior, for instance, is unquestionably guilty of waging a massively unlawful war in Iraq and war crimes, for which no one was held accountable. The same is true of every other war that Western nations have waged since the Court was established, conflicts that have neither been excused from attacking any of their countries by the UN Security Council nor authorised by it.

Punishable Russian ‘crimes’ versus unpunishable Western crimes

‘To summarise, every conflict that Western nations have waged since the International Court of Justice was founded in 2002 has violated international law. However, this has not appealed to the International Court of Justice. It has not initiated any investigations into war crimes committed by the West and, above all, has not issued any arrest warrants for Western heads of state. That was something reserved for the Russian head of state, albeit without evidence.

The International Court of Justice is an instrument that the West has created and used as a weapon to ensure that the judgements it wants against its opponents are handed down by the Court. Given that the European Union plays an active role in the war on Ukrainian and Russian soil and openly funds the Court, this could not be more obvious.

Truth is lie and lie is truth

Have the Western media ever admitted that their nations lied when they claimed to know nothing about the whereabouts of the children? No, of course not! Rather, it is important to maintain the fiction of an evil, abducting Russia at all costs. And it is imperative that the citizens of the collective West are once again not told the truth!