True to the Zionist Worldview: Israel’s Brutal Actions in the Gaza Strip Follow Exactly the Core Tenets of Zionist Ideology

The extremely brutal Zionist violence exercised by Israel in the Gaza Strip is now even being criticized by governments that are otherwise loyal to Israel. The Israeli army has now crossed not just one, but every conceivable red line in its use of force. The UN Special Rapporteur for the Palestinian Territories, Francesca Albanese, has now confirmed this, saying that she sees “reasonable grounds for genocide in the Gaza Strip“. The Israeli actions show a regular pattern of violence. The military and government are deliberately violating the laws of war in an attempt to legitimize the genocidal violence against the Palestinian people. Israel reacted with indignation to this accusation and naturally denied the allegations.

An Israeli missile strikes in Gaza City
An Israeli rocket attack on civilian buildings in Gaza City (Source: The Independent)

Strangely enough, the media commentary on the devastating violence in the Gaza Strip never asks why Israel is acting so relentlessly and cruelly. The answer is very simple: in this new war, as in many previous ones, Israel is consistently and bloodily implementing the goals of its state ideology – Zionism.

Years ago, the Israeli historian Ilan Pappe described the gradual violent approach to the Gaza Strip in his book “What’s wrong with Israel? The ten main myths of Zionism” (published in Germany in 2016), Ilan Pappe described the step-by-step violent approach against the Gaza Strip that Israel has now used again: “From the ‘First Rain’ to the ‘Autumn Clouds’ [names of previous attacks on the Gaza Strip], an escalation can be observed in every parameter. In the first parameter, we find the disappearance of the distinction between ‘civilian’ and ‘non-civilian’ targets: Senseless killing has made the population as a whole the main target of the Israeli army’s operations.

Palestinians run for shelter as they hear bombing in the distance while they flee their homes in the Shajaiyeh neighborhood of Gaza City, after Israel had airdropped leaflets warning people to leave the area
Palestinians run for their lives and shelter as they hear bombing in the distance while they flee their homes in the Shajaiyeh neighborhood of Gaza City (Source: The Independent)

The second parameter shows an escalation of means: the use of all the killing machines in the possession of the Israeli army. Thirdly, the escalation stands out in terms of the number of victims: in most cases, an even higher number of people were killed or wounded with each new operation. And finally, and most importantly, the operations turned into a strategy – a strategy that showed how Israel intends to solve the Gaza Strip problem, namely through a carefully measured policy of genocide.”

The result of Israel’s previous wars in Gaza was summarized by the UN News Center report on September 1, 2015: “Three Israeli military operations in the last six years and eight years of economic blockade have devastated Gaza’s already crippled infrastructure, destroyed its manufacturing base, left no time for meaningful reconstruction or economic recovery, and reduced the Palestinian population in Gaza to beggars whose economic situation is worse today than it was twenty years ago.”

Palestinian women react next to the rubble of their relatives' house, which police said was destroyed in an Israeli air strike, in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip
Palestinian women react next to the rubble of their relatives’ house, which police say was destroyed in an Israeli airstrike, in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip (Source: The Independent)

The German-Israeli historian Tamar Amar-Dahl has written a book about Zionist ideology (Zionist Israel. Jewish Nationalism and the History of the Middle East Conflict). The ideological background to the Israeli warfare in the Gaza Strip can be explained very well from her information. A core element of this ideology is the deep contempt for the Palestinians. They are the “others” who must be repressed or driven out. Both physically (…) and from consciousness. The Palestinians represent the “out-group” of the Zionist utopia, as they live on the land promised to the Jews in the Torah (Old Testament).

Former top Israeli politician Shimon Peres viewed the Arabs and Palestinians from a clearly racist perspective as “malicious, inferior, unwilling to compromise; they tend to distort the truth and incite hatred. They are primitive and concerned about their dignity, aggressive, uneducated and socially backward.”

The first Israeli Prime Minister Ben Gurion shared this bipolar world view. For him, the human race consisted of the “good, strong and civilized” on the one hand and the retarded and weak on the other. The latter, of course, included the Palestinians. The Zionists also derive their claim to supremacy and dominance in the Middle East region from this view. This is to be achieved through geopolitical “restructuring” – i.e. by military means.

The contempt for the Palestinians as primitive and backward automatically means that they are not an equal and equal partner for negotiations or a peace treaty. Negotiations with them are therefore only possible to a very limited extent. The author writes: “Israel’s understanding of the Zionist project as a Jewish state for the Jewish people in the land of the Jews inevitably means the establishment of a system-immanent order of violence in view of the existing binational conditions.” This has existed as an occupation since the founding of the state in 1948 – until 1966 over the Palestinians who remained in the country after the Nakba, and since the 1967 war over the Palestinians in the occupied territories.

The total contempt for the Palestinians leads to further conclusions: 

Firstly, Zionism understands the conflict with the Palestinians as a given and unchangeable. This ultimately depoliticizes it, i.e. the causes of the conflict are not seen in its own policies, wars, conquest, occupation, oppression, settlement and population policies, but only in the “comprehensive hostility” and in the “mentality of the others” [the Palestinians] or the Arabs. In other words: Israel denies having anything to do with the causes of the conflict. The “others” alone are responsible for the conflict.

Secondly, the right to violence is justified by the belief, derived from the Holocaust and also from the “War of Independence” of 1948, that the enmity with the Palestinians is a continuation of the history of suffering and persecution of the Jewish people in Europe, which arose from hatred of the Jews. For the Zionists, the Palestinians are the “new Nazis“. Yasser Arafat, for example, has always been seen as the new Hitler – a psychological transference that completely denies the settler-colonialist reality as the cause of the conflict in Israel/Palestine.

Thirdly, everything else is subordinated to the security of the state. Security is the hallmark of the Israeli social order and one of its inviolable tenets. Security is the absolute basic prerequisite for the existence of the nation-state. War has a positive connotation because it secures the nation-state. The author writes: “The Israeli collective is fixated on war both institutionally (politics, military, society, economy, industry and legal system) as well as mentally and politically culturally. In the Zionist view, war is an integral part of Middle Eastern reality.”

The Zionists derive their right to “activist defense“, “preventive war“, “retaliation“, “self-defense” and “deterrence” from the security argument. For Zionism, there can only be peace if Israel gains respect by convincing the Arab states and also the Palestinians of its strength and invincibility, which of course includes a superior army and weapons technology. (Ariel Sharon once said: “They – the Arabs – must be afraid of us.” That is the Israeli understanding of deterrence). This also gives rise to the Zionist understanding of peace. It is only possible if Israel retains control over the Palestinians because their backwardness makes them unable to cope with a real peace with Israel. The Zionists therefore repeatedly emphasize that they have no interlocutor for peace. At the end of the day, peace is only possible and achievable if the Palestinians are disposed of.

Violence against the Goyim [non-Jews], however unbridled, is seen as legitimate. The conflict with the Arab neighbors and the Palestinians is seen as a given, unchangeable fact, just as the hostile attitude of the new Goyim towards the “Jews” is seen as beyond historical developments. Since the conflict with the Palestinians stems solely from the “comprehensive hostility” of the “new Goyim“, i.e. has its cause in the violence of the “others“, it is insoluble.

This rules out a peace agreement with the Palestinians. There can also be no peace with them because this would invalidate the most important Zionist founding myth. Because Eretz Israel [Greater Israel] is seen as the exclusive land of the Jewish people, Israel cannot recognize the right to self-determination of the Palestinians living on this territory. (This is exactly what the Israeli Nation-State Law of 2019 states: only Jews exercise the right to self-determination on this territory). This is also the reason why Israel rejects the establishment of a Palestinian state.

As the Zionist ideology violates international law and human rights in almost every statement, the question arises as to how the Zionists morally justify their worldview. They give a clear answer to this: Zionism must act against the tide and achieve its goals against the will of the majority or against the course of history. It is therefore subject to “other standards than ‘formal morality’”. In other words, Zionism has its own laws that do not coincide with those of the rest of humanity.

The Israeli sociologist Baruch Kimmerling has used Ariel Sharon’s policies to illustrate the means used by the Zionists in the pursuit of their goals, as well as the dangers they face, but his statement also applies to Zionism in general. He has coined the term “politicide” for Israeli politics and defines it as follows: “By politicide I mean a process whose goal is the end of the existence of the Palestinian people as a social, political and economic entity. This process can also include a partial or complete ethnic cleansing of the ‘Land of Israel’. This policy will inevitably destroy the essence of Israeli society and undermine the moral basis of the Jewish state in the Middle East. Seen in this light, the result will be a double politicide – the end of the Palestinians, but in the long run also the end of the Jewish community. The main tools [for the politicide of the Palestinians] are murder, localized massacres, elimination of the leadership and intellectual elite, physical destruction of the infrastructure and buildings of political institutions, colonization, artificially induced famine, social and political isolation, re-education and territorial ethnic cleansing.” Kimmerling is therefore describing exactly what is currently taking place in the Gaza Strip.

Young relatives of four boys, all from the Bakr family, killed during Israeli shelling, cry during their funeral in Gaza City
Young relatives of four boys, all from the Bakr family, killed during Israeli shelling, cry during their funeral in Gaza City (Source: The Independent) 

Kimmerling also quotes an interview given by Israeli Chief of Staff Moshe Yalon in an interview with the newspaper Haaratz (August 30, 2002): “Yalon: ‘The characteristics of the threat [from the Palestinians] are invisible, like cancer. When you are attacked from the outside, you can see the attacker, you are hurt. Cancer, on the other hand, is something on the inside. So I find that rather worrying because in this case the diagnosis is critical. (…) I maintain that this is cancer. (…) My expert diagnosis is that there is a phenomenon that poses an existential threat.’ Reporter: ‘Are you saying that what you are doing now as Chief of Staff in the West Bank and Gaza is chemotherapy? Yalon: ‘There are all kinds of treatments for cancer. Some say you have to operate. But right now I’m doing chemotherapy, yes.” The “chemotherapy” referred to Israel’s war against the Palestinian civilian population in 2002, which cost the lives of hundreds of Palestinians. Kimmerling interprets Yalon’s statement as coming directly from the Nazi newspaper Der Stürmer.

Apparently, Israel is in the process of carrying out chemotherapy in the Gaza Strip.

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