The Christian Death Cult Fueling Israel

Death Cult

When it comes to unwavering backers to Israel,, most assume that almost all comes from the Jewish, or Zionist lobby. In actuality the vast majority of both the moral and economic support given is from evangelical Christians in the United States.

This obviously begs the question of why would a group that at its core believe that Christ was killed by Jews be such fervent supporters of them colonizing Palestine? Quite simply because like an ISIS style cult they believe it will bring about the end of days.

The Christian Right and Israel

While there is no cohesive “Christian Right” in the United States, nor a singular belief when it comes to Israel, there are enough similarities to create an overview. Right-wing Christianity should, technically at least be at odds with Israel, a country that has not only colonized the Holy Lands of Christianity, but also whose people allegedly at least “killed Jesus”. In this respects you have to admire the adaptability of the evangelicals of America, who instead developed the following ideology.

I’ll paraphrase somewhat rather than go into a full biblical class, but essentially they believe that Jews returning to the “Holy Land” and expelling the Muslims would speed up the second coming of Christ, ergo helping Jews to return is something that should not just be supported, but also financed.

And what about when Jesus does return? Remember the Death Cult Part? When Christ returns the Jews will all be killed, while the righteous will get to live under the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

And the Orthodox Jews are OK with this because? Well that is the great thing when you are a religious zealot. You see the Jews think what they are doing is speeding up the coming o the Jewish Messiah (not Jesus). Both parties thus get to work hand in glove while safely in the knowledge that the “other one” is wrong.

How much money do evangelicals give Israel?

Estimations vary and are extremely hard to grasp in an NGO arena that is so controversial and indeed hard to untangle, but even conservative reports put it at at least $100 million per year, or twice the amount that Jews in America send to Israel.

But, of course the support does not stop there, evangelical groups send volunteers go to the county to do things as banal as farm for free, to fully supporting and protecting the illegal Israeli settlements.

The support though at its core is about much more than money with online evangelicals pushing their sheep into full war like support for Israel, something very aligned with American foreign policy and thus more business friendly.

It is almost like the evangelicals have made their beliefs fit US foreign policy, while still allowing them to make money and remain in their hearts anti-semetic.

Said groups are also key parts of pro-Israel lobbyists in Washington DC, a group that has huge sway over not only who gets elected in the United States, but are also extremely hawkish. This is seen in many arenas, but particularly with regards to the pro- invade-Iran group.

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The Death Cult Everyone Ignores

That two diametrically opposed religious zealots can not only happily peacefully coexist, but also be coconspirators in the subjugation and exile of the Palestinian people should scare, but not confuse people.

And as for how to stop this death cult? The problem with any death cult is that you really cannot beat them with logic and like ISIS they have to be destroyed. Alas this death cult is controlled by the strongest military in the world.

Therefore whilst it is nice to wave our Palestinian flags, change our Facebook status and maybe even protest a little, there really isn’t much point. Neither the zealots in the US, or Israel are prepared to give up a single inch, unless of course rapture comes.