Ukraine cannot win and the West needs to stop lying


After 18 months of almost constant lies from both Ukrainian and western media, the truth is finally starting to come out. Almost 400,000 Ukrainians are dead, the world is not against Russia, the Ukrainian offensive has been a catastrophic failure and all of the death and destruction could have been avoided.

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Going back just over a month and the thought of reports going against the official narrative of the war in Ukraine would been unthinkable. This was a time when Wagner were going to “free Russia” from Putin and the Ukrainian offensive was going to drive Russia out of not just the land they had recently taken, but also Crimea.

The last month though has seen a change of tact from western hawks. For the duration of the war we have been told every success that Ukraine has achieved, while it’s failures have been ignored.

For the last 6 weeks, or so we have heard almost nothing about the Ukrainian offensive, but that is now changing and rapidly.

The Ukrainian offensive has already failed

There are things we know for sure and things we can speculate about, but at least speculate from an educated vantage point.

The Ukrainian attack was supposed to get back the land Russia had taken and thus end the war. We know that this has not happened and that any territorial gains have been pyritic victories at best.

The Russians on the other hand have built trenches and not only held their positions, but more importantly inflicted heavy causalities on the Ukrainian military. As one military spokesman put it, this showed the difference between the twi sides, the Ukrainians were concentrating on getting back pieces of land, which for all intents held no intrinsic value, whilst the Russians focussed on the important part, winning a war.

Russia, as they and many pundits have said never intended to occupy Ukraine, they wanted it to be neutral and now after the invasion at least for the removal of Zelensky. It now seems that they will get all of this and more. Ukraine at best will lose the lands it dies not currently hold.

And the cost has been huge. It is estimated that there are up to 400,000 Ukrainians dead, as well as an economy that aside from donations has flatlined by 50 percent of pre-war levels. Russia conversely has seen its economy grow, as it turns out that other people will more than happily buy their natural resources.

Why have we been lied to for so long?

This is a really hard question to answer, as those of us with a more skeptical mind have indeed sought out the truth. What it appears has happened is that western governments have somehow managed to control what the media reports, despite it being on the face of it “free and independent”.

We know that Ukraine shut down all opposition newspapers and TV stations at the start of the war, with the country now full of propaganda everywhere you look, from TV, even to what is shown on trains and trams.

The fascinating thing though is that western media has largely been an echo chamber for what the Ukrainians are saying. This has gone to such. an extent that when the UK’s defense secretary said Ukraine “should be grateful”, he was not just mocked in Ukraine, but the UK itself. Poland has since said the same it should be noted.

It has almost been like the west was in a state of war and that as such the media had to be controlled. The degree to which seaters press support for the war has been unwavering has been scary to say the least.

What has now changed is that independent news sources reporting on the facts are now being recognised as true

This can only end in. Russian victory

Again another point where people completely missed the point, there was never going to be a Russian capitulation. Even if the stories had been true and Russia could have been beaten, what then if Ukraine had actually gone through and taken Crimea?

Russia would have seen this as such an existential threat that would have meant it taking out the world. As Putin has said “a world without Russia is not worth living in”. Did anyone seriously think Ukraine would get to the Russian border and it would be game over, everyone shake hands and go home?

Yet while this fantasy land is clearly not the case, it is still the party line being put across by Zelensky and his war hungry cronies.

Just last week he attended a “peace summit in Saudi Arabia”, which was attended by almost everyone, even China. Sadly Russia were not present though, meaning it meant about as much as a summer holiday for participants.

Still though a ten point program was put across by Ukraine, which included the provision that in order for peace Russia would have to leave all Ukrainian territory, including the Crimea. Not only is this never going to happen, but one now at least seriously has to draw into question the mental stability of Zelensky, who still either believes Ukraine can still win, or merely cares so little for his people that he is happy to see the mass graves pile up as he fights an unwindable fight.

Regardless his position now in untenable in any peace deal that can be considered realistic.

Russia will now only accept absolute victory

Another facet where Russia has been underestimated is in how determined they are. For the majority of the war they have sought out and indeed offered peace, initially at least under the pre-approved terms of the Minsk agreement.

Each time this has been offered they have had the offer thrown back in their faces, something recently amplified by the fact they were not even invited to to the talks in Saudi Arabia.

Sadly the chance for peace has now gone, with the change in the tide of war also changing the mentality of the Russians. Where previously Russia may have accepted some kind of negotiated peace, they now feel that any peace that does not involve the defeat of Ukraine will still leave them vulnerable to attack. They believe and probably rightly so that the newly annexed regions and even Moscow itself will be at danger of terrorist track from a rebel Ukrainian force.

If provoked Russia will unleash fury

Sadly and is often the case when someone is losing they become desperate and this is no different in Ukraine. And while the west largely applauds when Ukraine targets Moscow with a drone, it ignores some salient points. Moscow has largely left Ukraine and Lviv alone. If Russia, Moscow and its civilians are targeted, then Russia will respond.

The forces of Wagner, Belarus and Russia will not make the same mistakes in Kiev again, nor will Lviv continue as it has been, spared bloodshed.

And as for Poland and its threats to annex western Ukraine, or worse still invade Belarus, do this and Russia will retaliate with nuclear weapons. They will also not have the support of NATO, which officially at least is defensive alliance. .

All of this could of course been avoided, but the west misread its chances of taking down a great power. Ukraine cannot win, and it is time that everyone is told the truth, so that they can at least decide if they want to end the bloodshed.