Secret Lab in UK Produces Covid Variants and Vaccine against “Disease X”

Smallpox virus. Source: Salon

The WHO is constantly oracularizing about a mysterious “disease X” – if it doesn’t exist yet, it could be soon. Because a secret British laboratory is producing new covid variants and working on a vaccine for “disease X” to “prevent the next pandemic.

The WHO literally admits here that “disease X” is a fiction. On the WHO website, you can find it among the diseases that should be a priority, along with a brief description:

Disease X represents the knowledge that a serious international epidemic could be caused by a pathogen currently unknown to cause human disease. The R&D Blueprint explicitly seeks to enable early cross-cutting R&D preparedness that is also relevant for an unknown “Disease X”

Since smallpox and foot-and-mouth disease in 2007, the British have always been at the forefront of stirring up panic and shining with false forecasts.

This was reported by James Gallagher on the BBC the other day:

“One of the UK’s most secretive centres of scientific research – Porton Down – is aiming to stop the next pandemic “in its tracks”.

I have passed through the incredibly tight security at this remote facility to get rare access to its scientists.

They are based in the shiny new Vaccine Development and Evaluation Centre.

Their work builds on the response to Covid, and aims to save lives and minimise the need for lockdowns when a new disease next emerges.

‘Covid, of course, is not a one-off,’ says Prof Dame Jenny Harries, chief executive of the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), which runs these laboratories.

‘We say it [Covid] was the biggest public health incident for a century, but I don’t think any of us think it’ll be a century before the next,’ she adds.

The combination of climate change, urbanisation and people living closer to animals – the source of many new diseases which transfer to people – means we’re facing a ‘rising tide of risk’, she says”.

These are the main ingredients for the fear and panic menu: Climate change and viruses. Plus a secret lab linked to the Department of Defense where new covid variants are produced. What could go wrong there? We have to assume, of course, that only existing “new variants” are being grown there, not modified versions, as at Pfizer. But who can say?

Gallagher reports that the work will feed into the “100-day mission” to develop a vaccine against a new threat in the shortest possible time. Prof. Harries says that in the future, the UK must be at the forefront of trying to stop any pandemic before it even breaks out, or, failing that, “stop it” at its earliest stages.

The BBC report goes on to say:

 “The new vaccine research centre is concentrating on three types of threat:

● known infections that are getting harder to deal with, such as antibiotic-resistant superbugs

● potential threats that might cause a problem, including bird flu and new Covid variants

● and “Disease X” – something unforeseen, like Covid, which takes the world by complete surprise.”

In summary: A new disease is on the way, but we don’t yet know what it is. A vaccine will help against it – we already know that – and we will have it ready in 100 days.

In a video on the Health Ranger Report channel on with health and wellness author Sayer Ji, it characterizes very well what is happening. The interview was conducted by Mika Adams of Health Ranger.

Ji, founder of the natural medicine website GreenMedInfo, said people have been led to believe that their bodies cannot regenerate from diseases that the allopathic system calls incurable. He went on to say that the premise of Big Pharma’s marketing campaigns is to not know the cause of disease. In this way, they march on and raise money for future pharmaceutical cures.

Adams mentioned that modern medicine has grossly oversimplified many things by using labels such as describing symptoms as names for a disease, citing high blood pressure or hypertension as an example. According to him, every doctor believes that hypertension is a disease. In reality, however, hypertension is not a disease, but a symptom with an underlying cause that is not being treated.

Ji noted that “disease-glorifying” doctors suppress the symptoms that serve as the body’s means of healing and eliminating imbalances. Echoing the example of the Health Ranger, he said that doctors have never addressed the causes of heart disease, which has become the No. 1 cause of death in the Western world or developed countries.

With the mRNA gene therapy products, Big Pharma now has a means to shorten development and production so that preparations can be brought to market within 100 days. “Disease X” is just the thing, and WHO and the British military are already working on it.

The method has long been practiced, albeit in miniature, so to speak. When statins came onto the market as cholesterol-lowering drugs, the limits in the guidelines were changed without further ado. Instead of 200 plus age, as had been the case until then, this was deleted and 200 was suddenly the new limit value. Since then, statins have been prescribed if the limit is exceeded.

A “disease X” makes the concept much easier, quicker and more profitable to implement. And that’s what the WHO is there for, after all.