Should You Boycott Bud Light? – The New Debate

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week you will have noticed that there is huge movement to boycott Bud Light. The reasoning b being them using trans-woman Dylan Mulvaney to promote their beer.

Said outrage has resulted in Kid Rock literally machine gunning cans of Bud Lights, those of the right calling for a boycott of all Anheuser-Busch products and of course the expected backlash from the left, claiming any opposition was transphobic. What though was is the real situation and do no Bud Light drinkers have a reason to bs pissed?

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Boycott – Bud Light – The Dylan Mulvaney Add

The add which was featured on Dylan Mulnaveys Instagram and TikTok featured the influencer drinking from cans that depicted her likeness and were thus gifted from Bud Light as a marketing play – yes a marketing ploy, but we will get to that later.

For those not in the know Dylan Mulvaney went from heterosexual, to homosexual to non-binary and finally two quite literally ”transitioning to a girl” one year ago. Day one consisted of saying she was ok when she was not, crying privately and spending money she did not have on clothes.

Things that some have opined actually are more like a caricature of a woman and dare we say sexist. Her year though has seen an explosion in popularity with not only meetings with Joe Biden, who obviously called her :”brave”, but also to lucrative and high paying deals with brands such as Nike for a women’s sports bra (Dylan has no breasts), talks of a deal with Tampa (Dylan has no vagina) to the most recent Bud light deal.

Why did Bud Light do this?

According to their marketing vice-resident, she had been tasked with helping to raise sales of the beer and it needed something “inventive”. From this statement you’d assume that Bud Light was going under right? In actuality Bud Light had the scone biggest brand recognition in the US behind Corona, and has regularly been the second best selling beer in the US for decades.

Sakes were indeed down, for as almost anyone with a palate will tell you it is bad beer, but it was also not exactly going bankrupt. Therefore in here role as marketing VP she decided the beer needed to move away from its “frat boy” reputation and be more inclusive. Thus enter Dylan Mulvaney and one of the most cringeworthy dads ever done.

Boycott Bud Light – Go Woke Go Broke

So here is where the rub lies and that is in acceptance. Bud Light, which I will again state is a shoddy beer appealed to frat boy types and rednecks because it was cheap and considered very Americano. This was the market and it has worked for a hundred odd years for Bud and its various beers, which includes Corona.

Yet while the people are saying that any kind of boycott is anti-trans, the reality is that the Anheuser-Busch marketing team decided to take aim at the majority of customers essentially calling them bigots to target the small percentage of people that consider themselves trans.

One might argue that it would also draw in the further LGBTQ+ community, but early evidence suggests that beer sales for it in areas frequented by these groups have also gone down. Essentially they have managed to put everyone who might buy the drink off it, while making happy a very small bunch that would not drink it anyway.

Too little, too late

With the Bud Light Boycott not only massively affecting sales and the share price of the company, but also attracting some very amusing memes, the company obviously had to do a 360).

This involved churning out an old school American feel good add which had everyone in it except the Marlboro man, talk of the marketing person getting fired, but no actual apology.

And this Bud Boycott is not something people are going to forget. As one YouTuber put it, “We accepted everything about trans people from transition to acceptance, but now we are being vilified for how we love our lives”.

Unfortunately to now seems that this is where the fault lines are drawn, acceptance is a one way street and being a frat type guy who likes a cheap beer is no longer OK. Well the backlash is finally here and long may it stay. Transgender people should be respected and accepted, but profit making capitalist companies hold stop moralizing while dividing people and simply get on with their job.

For all it does is create hatred and further widen rifts that were being appeared over to begin with. My personal favorite of which being the “Bud Light Challenge to see how many beers it takes to see Dylan Mulvaney as a woman”. It further adds that no one has won the challenge. Again this might sound nasty, but Dylan ia a biological man with a penis and men constantly being told it is “homophobic, or transphobic” not to be attacked to a man, will inevitable result in ja backlash. This is not toxic masculinity it is standing up for the barest of rights still available.

Go woke, go broke is more than just a saying, it is reality and the proof is in the rows and rows of their beers not being sold. I will continue not drinking Bud Light for two reasons, one it is shit and two the company have treated their core clientele terribly. I don’t care that they had a trans-woman on their cans, I care for the loyal clientele  that they simply treated like garbage.