Libyan Visa on Arrival Announced in Huge Reboot of Local Tourism

In what can only be described as great news for the travel junkies out there, Libya, formerly of Gaddafi fame and indeed one of the hardest countries to get into are now offering a Libyan visa on arrival.

What’s been the tourist situation in Libya?

Libyan Visa on Arrival

During Gaddafi times Libya was relatively free to travel around, although you could fairly sure that you were being tailed by the Secret Police. Also much like places such as the DPRK, local propaganda was regularly provided.

This changed with the fall/execution of Gaddafi and for a time the country was “open”. I personally had a trip planned, which was canceled at the last minute as the country drifted into anarchy.

Modern Tours to Libya

Libyan Visa on Arrival

Tourism has resumed to a degree within the last five years, but only in “safe” areas, as well as guests having to go through an extremely laborious process to get a “business visa”.

Tours were also heavily restricted and often times people would not even be granted a visa. Things though have slowly started to change since the election.

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So, Libyan Visa on Arrival?

Before you get too exited, still think North Korea rather than Cuba when it comes to visa on arrival. There are still no independent or backpacker travelers allowed in the country and you must be part of an organized group tour.

Once said paperwork is done you can then happily fly into the country, pick up your visa and join your tour.

Can Americans go to Libya?

Time is supposed to be a healer, but seemingly not when it comes to America. Citizens of the US can now technically go, but it will cost them $400.

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And from what we have heard at least paying $300 more does not even guarantee you a seat. Things though are at least improving in Libya, something they rightly deserve after years as a failed state.

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