President Maduro lambasts US policy on Russia

While President Maduro of the socialist Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela being anti-US should not exactly come as a shock, it does still go to prove that the world is far from swept with the anti-Russian propaganda.

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What did Venezuela say?

What President Maduro, the less popular successor to the ever-popular President Chavez said was that the west wanted to “dismember:” Russia and start a big war with the country. 

In a speech last Friday the Venezuelan leader stated “They want war to dismember Russia, destroy it into pieces and end hope fr a multipolar world where we can all live”.

The statements followed the South American country condemning a resolution UN General Assembly from the UN’s Human Rights Council. Quite rightly the nation stated that it would “destroy bridges” and “threaten security”.

Perhaps more importantly though and a point not brought up by Venezuela was the hypocrisy of trying to suspend Russia from the Human Right Council. Saudi Arabia not only chaired, but held a seat on the council for many years, despite being of the most despotic, anti-women and homophobic regimes to have existed to have existed in modern times, perhaps with the exception of Islamic State. 

Last month Saudi Arana executed 82 men, most of whom for peaceful protest just before Eton educated member of the elite Boris Johnson went their to negotiate a deal so the UK would not have to rely on Russia for oil.

When things are so obviously hypocritical people should really start to ask questions. No one i saying that Russia is prefect, or the worlds saviour, but context here tells a much bigger story when it comes to western intentions. 

The Cancer of Sanctions 

Another point brought up by Venezuela and ironically North Korea was that of sanctions and how they would not succeed. As have been proven countless times sanctions never ever lead to regime change, but merely to a suffering for the people of these countries at the bottom of society.

Leaders do not fall, but normal people suffering for the west it means a bonanza of seized assets and a direct kick in the teeth to Russia and to a lesser extent China. Have zero illusions that sanctions, or western military adventures have anything to do with human rights, or democracy, otherwise they wouldn’t have supported the Khmer Rouge and walked away from Rwanda. It truly is amazing how propaganda can make people forget genocide, proxy wars and worse, merely by creating a pantomime  villain common enemy,  and today she is Russia.