Is Ukraine Arming Hamas?

Ukraine arming Hamas

The question of if Ukraine is arming Hamas has become a hot topic after the group allegedly posted a video not only showing American weapons, as well as “thanking” Ukraine.

The truth though is that while the Ukrainian state is most likely not arming the Palestinian group, the likely truth is much more scary.

Ukraine arming Hamas

Why Ukraine is probably not arming Hamas

In this respects it is important for us to draw two distinct lines, as in the Ukrainian state and lone actors involved in the war in Ukraine, as in Ukrainians. The Ukrainian state is ran by a jew and would seek to gain not strategic value in Hamas attacking Israel.

This is both from an ideological aside, as well as a practical one. The United States have already sent warships to Israel and for all intents not only is the world no longer talking about Ukraine, but essentially as second American proxy war front has been opened.

If Kiev was found to be in any way shape, or form helping Hamas then they would be done for from a western point of view.

Factor this in with the reality that were the Ukrainian state to have secretly helped Hamas stockpile weapons then the last thing they would have requested would have been a thank you on social media.

Did Arms meant for Ukraine end up in Palestine?

Sadly this is the most likely, unsurprising and scary scenario, and that is that weapons that have been sent to Ukraine have found their way into the arms of terrorists. This point of fear has been brought up numerous times since the start of the war and also had a sense of inevitability about it.

Let us not forget that American supplied arms found their way to Al Qaeda dolling the Russian War in Afghanistan, while other Americans arms have found their way to ISIS and most recently the Taliban.

How could this happen? The Ukraine was ranked the second most corrupt country in Europe prior to the war and this has seemingly only amplified since the war began. People are sacked for graft almost weekly, while it is considered common knowledge by the Ukrainians that people in charge are buying expensive houses abroad.

I have even heard first hand from aid workers that have found themselves embroiled in Ponzi scshmews related to the aid that they bring, although again not something they will report. In this respect arms runners and those embroiled in corruption work hand in glove, with no one wanting the gravy train to end.

Could some of these weapons have been sold by the unscrupulous and ended up in the hands of Hamas? Of course they could.

Playing into Russian hands

While Russia are unlikely to have supplied weapons directly to Hamas this new war must also seem like a huge blessing to the Russian Federation. The Americans, who are already overstretched have sent the navy to Israel and should other actors from the Middle-East get involved so will America. A war on two fronts is never a good thing.

Therefore could captured American weapons have gone through Iran and into he hands of Hamas, it is certainly possible, but then again so are captured weapons from Afghanistan coming here. As anyone who has seen Charlie Wilson’s War can attest, this is right from the US playbook.

And of course the whole affair also plays into Russian hands from a purely ideological point of view. From day 1 Russia have regularly brought up Palestine as an example of western double standards. Yes Hamas might have attacked first, but western ignorance to the plight they faced before that is far from going unnoticed.

In fact Russia, despite now being one of the most capitalist places on earth is now almost going back to its Soviet roots, with one diplomat telling me “Yes our economic system has changed, but we still hold the same moras on anti-imperialism”.

How ironic that the battle lines for Cold War 2.0 are dragging in almost the same players on almost the same teams, even if the ideological divide is somewhat blurred.