Are we fighting for Ukraine or for ourselves?

To kick things off I do not support Russia in its war of aggression in Ukraine, but is our involvement helping and are we doing it for altruistic reasons? The reality is no to both, with this merely being a new proxy front in Cold War Two.

Background to the war in Ukraine

While Putin argues that Ukraine is not a “real state”, the fact of the matter is that although a state it might be, it is one deeply divided along ethnic lines, namely Russian and Ukrainian.

This has led to elections being closely fought and usually between a pro-Russian and a pro-Western candidate. Much to the ire of the Russians and the West, whoever is in power least to the east, or the west. This was what lead to the Maidan Protests and the western coup against the Russian leaning president. And we all know what followed this. 

Crimea was annexed and the Ukraine was put into a perpetual state of war when the Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic were declared. And while the world ignored what was happening, Russia supported these break-away republics, which was publicised, but the fightback was led by the openly facist Azov battalion. 

It has been argued that the “Nazi threat” was just an excuse from Putin, but the reality is that the openly facist ideology of this battalion, Swastikas and all have largely bee ignored by the west. That the Ukrainian president is Jewish us pure straw-man theory when it comes to denying there are elements of fascism is Ukraine. Although this also very much ignores the many far right groups that also exist in Russia.

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Would Ukraine have joined the European Union of NATO

No one really expected Russia to actually invade Ukraine, not Zelensky, or most media. One wonders of Putin himself ever thought he’d have to actually go through with it, but as is the case situations and and do change – and what we ended up with was a game of chicken. 

The essential pushes though were that the Ukraine might join either the European Union (EU), or the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). These were two things Russia refused to accept, but were dangled infant of Ukraine regardless. How likely were each of them to happen?

When it comes to the European Union (EU), Brexit might have been a blip, but while the doc does not want to get rid of members, it is certainly not looking to allow in members with huge populations that are ofr all intents economically backwards.

The EU is still struggling to come to terms with having let in Bulgaria and Romania too early and the reality with Ukraine is that with its levels crime and corruption it is 20 years from any chance of joining at best. Therefore much as the EU has signed roadmap deals with other countries without a hope of joining, like Albania, it seems more a case of “we don’t want you, but we don’t want any one else to have you”.

And as for NATO? This is another area where it was pure recklessness on the part of the west. Not only did we know that Russia would never have accepted this, but it is also part of the NATO charter that members cannot be involved in territorial disputes, such as Crimea and Donetsk for example. Therefore Ukraine were not even eligible to join. 

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Poking the bear

Therefore the only reasonable conclusion from this is that we wanted to push Russia as far as we could on a non-NATO member to see if we could make Putin crack. And crack he did. 

This has meant that we in the west, who were previously going through a crisis of conscience after the Trump years, as well as other “democrats” like Erdogan for example, could suddenly come riding in our white horses.

We are now telling the Ukraine not to give up and that we will give them the weapons to fight, but despite what you read and despite the absolute heroism of the Ukrainians they are very much losing the war. Our propaganda machine tells us Putin is sick and hated at home and the Ukrainians are winning, but none of this is true.

The truth is that this is a battle for the west to try and claim back some form of moral authority for NATO, while weakening a strong rival in Russia, as well as throwing in China into the mix by default.

And as for the Ukraine it is merely a football being used by both sides, neither of which care about the people who are suffering. The west want to embarrass Russia at all costs, even while destroying their own economies and as for Russia? As Jordan Peterson put it, Russia would rather see Ukraine destroyed than in NATO.

We can pretend that this is all about freedom, stopping a bully, or democracy, but the reality is that this is brinkmanship with a man whose hand is next to the nuclear button.