Great people talk to Eastern Angle!

We have an exclusive interview with a geopolitical analyst and a leading researcher of the emerging Eurasian world order on “500 years of Western dominance: Is it coming to an end and what comes next?

An exclusive interview with a Palestinian intellectual who lived through relentless bombings and shortages of food and medicine in the under-siege Gaza ghetto
We have an exclusive interview with the best expert on media manipulation and war propaganda in Germany, if not in Europe.
We have an exclusive interview with the best expert on direct democracy and neutrality in Switzerland, if not in Europe.
We have an exclusive and in-depth interview (in two parts) with a Russia insider who provides insights that can’t be found anywhere else

Exposures and Revelations

We bring unpleasant truths to light that others dare not tell you!

Eastern Angle exclusive: How the U.S. spied on 120 countries for more than half a century
“China has wiped Israel off the map!” — We refute the latest anti-Chinese fake news from the mainstream media
Exposed: the weaponization of sports by the media in their information warfare
An insider exposes the mechanics of manipulating science and shaping the climate narrative

Eyewitness Reports

We let witnesses tell you first-hand what they saw, not mainstream journalists who only know from hearsay!

The inconvenient truth about Xinjiang, told by a Mandarin-speaking foreigner who has cycled thousands of kilometers across China (including Xinjiang)
“Apartheid In Israel: Then And Now. Reasons Behind The Incessant Violence”
What’s going on, is North Korea stuck in the past, and what are the chances for peaceful development in the world’s most isolated country? Answers from a Western businessman who lived and worked there for seven years.
Glittering, rich megacities versus abject poverty in the countryside? Visit report: Poverty alleviation is a reality THROUGHOUT China.

Background stories and dossiers

We want to make sense of news and half-baked stories by researching backgrounds, history, causes, actors, vested interests, motives, etc.!

Exclusive 4-part series on BRICS: History, background, motives, driving forces, consequences
Exclusive 3-part series “Bloodbaths Change the World
The Anglo-Saxon geopolitical strategy – unchanged for 120 years. What does this mean for geopolitics?
How China solved its terrorism problem: Lessons for Israel and the West

Complementary news

The News the mainstream media ignore plus context!

Why Riyadh’s relations with the BRICS and the Saudi Vision 2030 are a major blow to the US
Tightened conscription in Ukraine targets mainly Russian speakers — a ploy of the Banderite regime to have “subhumans” killed by “subhumans”?
The latest act in Washington’s drama of regime change in Venezuela: a new heroic leader fighting for “democracy and freedom” appears.
World Bank: Russia overtakes Germany. As a reminder, last year Germany called for Russia to be ruined. It is only bringing itself down.

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Examples I have seen today:

A historically important event that the West would rather forget  – Consortium News

Urinating on Prisoners: Why Humiliation is Functional in Israel’s War on Palestinians – Counterpunch

Israel’s Bombs Are Wiping Out Entire Palestinian Families in Gaza – Haaretz

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