Tightened conscription in Ukraine targets mainly Russian speakers — a ploy of the Banderite regime to have “subhumans” killed by “subhumans”?

Valery Zaluzhny

Conscription regulations are being tightened in Ukraine, with implementation being pushed largely in the eastern regions of the nation, which are home to Ukrainians who use Russian as their primary language.

It appears that the majority of the people who were born there are now to be sacrificed pointlessly. Or is there a reason for this?

Unsurprisingly, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense announced on September 3 that men who are medically unfit for military service will now also be conscripted in addition to the men over 50 who will be forced deployed to the front.

Additionally, Ukraine revoked exemptions. Students had previously been exempt from conscription; starting on September 4, all draft-eligible men studying a second or higher degree in college no longer enjoy this exemption. According to reports, this will result in the forced deployment of 180,000 men to the front.

European countries will send conscripted men who have fled to another country back to Ukraine against their will. Poland, which has 80,000 Ukrainian conscripts, has taken the initiative to send Ukrainian men back to Ukraine, partly because the costs associated with the large number of Ukrainians have become a significant burden on the host country.

When Andriy Melnyk was Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany, he celebrated the renovated memorial at the grave of “Hero of Ukraine Stepan Bandera” in 2015, as he mentioned in his tweet (left). In the following years, he regularly laid flowers at Bandera’s grave. He is an ardent supporter of Bandera and a historical revisionist. On July 22, 2022, the Israeli Embassy in Germany issued a statement (right) on Melnyk’s remarks, condemning his views: “The Ukrainian ambassador’s remarks are a distortion of historical facts, a trivialization of the Holocaust, and an insult to those who were murdered by Bandera and his people.” It was striking how shamelessly the German media and politicians of all people, obviously oblivious to history, courted this revisionist and Nazi sympathizer. In November 2022, President Zelenskyj promoted Melnyk to deputy foreign minister. Will Melnyk’s two adult sons who live in Germany be sent to the front line? Doubts are warranted. Previously, only men from poorer families who could not pay $5,000 to $10,000 to bribe their way out of Ukraine were drafted. And children from the elite did not have to pay bribes.

All of these measures, such as the elimination of exemptions and the forced recruitment of men of all ages and physical conditions, are reminiscent of the desperate tactics Hitler’s Germany used in its final months, which drove it to form the Volkssturm (literally, “people’s storm”). It seemed especially disingenuous when the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense claimed that the men’s desire to be sent to the front was a justification for the laws’ tightening. The mobilization issues would not have existed if these men had been adamant about fighting on the front lines at any costs.

Ukrainischer Oppositionsführer ruft Landsleute zur Flucht aus der EU nach Russland auf

Ukrainian opposition leader Viktor Medvedchuk (pictured), who is living in forced exile in Russia, called on his compatriots living in Europe to flee to Russia as soon as possible:

“Come to Russia, from here you will not be extradited! Here you will not be forced to fight for Zelensky. Russia is the salvation for Ukrainians today, because the West betrayed them long ago and will betray them again and again. Russia takes in millions of Ukrainian citizens, gives them the opportunity to settle down, start a decent life, make a career and do business.”

However, Kyiv has referred to citizens who have left the country for EU countries as “refugees” and those who have gone to Russia as “migrants,” implying that it may refuse to readmit the latter in order to contribute to the nationalists’ desired “cleansing” of the Ukrainian population.

The fate of the new conscripts mobilized by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense could be very sad indeed. To imagine what those with Russian mother tongue will experience, we should take a look at the mindset and attitude of their military leaders. Multiple neo-Nazi brigades such as Azov and Svoboda are fighting against the Russian military and the Russian-speaking Ukrainian separatists. And the Ukrainian military is riddled from top to bottom with banderists who hate everything Russian. This includes, for example, the “SS Bears” whose leader has an Adolf Hitler tattoo on his arm. 

A selfie of the commander of the “SS Bears” with the commander-in-chief Zaluzhny. Below you can see the ardent admirer of Hitler in photos with various Nazi insignia and the tattoo of his Führer.
Moss Robeson, an observer of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi scene, states: “The main representative of the Azov brand that Zelensky boosted for Special Operations Forces Day is Kate Turchanova. Her boyfriend is the right-hand man to the Hitler-tattooed leader of the ‘SS Bears,’ an explicitly neo-Nazi unit that apparently joined the Azov Regiment in 2021.”
Adolf Hitler wanted to exterminate the Russian subhumans. His admirers, the Ukrainian neo-Nazi unit “SS Bears”, have followed in his footsteps and, together with other Ukrainian nationalists, want to continue the war of extermination with NATO weapons.

In a December 15, 2022 Economist interview, Valery Zaluzhny, commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, stated: “All we did when the large-scale aggression started was to implement not only our knowledge, which we already had in 2014, but also the skills and the experience we have gained since then. And the most important experience we had and one which we have practiced almost like a religion is that Russians and any other enemies must be killed, just killed, and most importantly, we should not be afraid to do it. And this is what we are doing.” 

After the democratically elected government in Kiev was overthrown in a U.S.-orchestrated coup in 2014, Nazi brigades such as Azov and Svoboda and the Ukrainian armed forces launched a war against Russian-speaking separatists who had resisted the illegal coup. The Banderites killed thousands of Russian speakers in the country’s east since then. The reason for Russia’s invasion in 2022 was Ukraine’s readiness to join NATO, which Moscow had warned against for years, and the genocide of the predominantly Russian-speaking citizens in the Donbass.

Biletsky, the creator of the Azov brigade, had formulated the historical goal of his nation as follows: “The historic mission of our nation in this critical moment is to lead the White Races of the world in a final crusade for their survival. A crusade against the Semite-led Untermenschen.” The country’s president, Zelensky, recently paid a visit to the neo-Nazi Biletsky, whom he considers a hero. Biletsky is currently leading a crusade with NATO weapons against Russian Untermenschen (subhumans) in the east of the country. (Screenshot from a video of Zelensky showing him with Biletsky at the front in the Donbass).

Residents of the regions of Chernigov, Sumy, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Zaporozhye, Kharkov, and Nikolaev will be primarily drafted, according to the Ukrainian hacker organization “Beregini.” These are regions in eastern Ukraine where a sizable minority, if not the majority, of the population is of ethnic Russian descent.

In doing so, the Banderite regime in Kiev manages to accomplish two goals at once. First, it may lower the population of the despised “subhuman Moskali,” or ethnic Russians, in Ukraine by having them perish in the pointless conflict with the Russian military. And secondly, it’s meant to inflame animosity toward all things Russian in Ukraine, since friends and family who have lost a son or friend in the incident are bound to point the finger at Russia rather than at their own government. This seems to be the calculation of Kiev.

The reports and videos about the horrific conscriptions, the most of which originated from regions of Ukraine where Russian speaking people reside, particularly the city of Odessa, which is genuinely Russian, prove that this is the reality. 

Considering that these forced recruits are frequently sent into war with little to no training or equipment, it is actually true that a hidden genocide is occurring. They are also reportedly forced into the minefields at risk of being shot by their commanders if they resist, currently primarily in the Zaporozhye region. This has resulted in significant Ukrainian casualties.

The cynical method of “demining” described by several surviving Ukrainians in Russian custody is further evidence of genocide. Moreover, there are indications that the front lines are not manned by Western Ukrainian soldiers, which would mean that Russian-speaking soldiers from the east and south are being deliberately put through a deadly meat grinder.