Why Doesn’t China Respond in Kind to the Aggressive Coercion, Bans & Sanctions by U.S. Leaders Towards China?

The Lewis Culture Model Reveals The Answer…


Why doesn’t China ever respond in kind to the aggressive coercion, bans & sanctions by U.S. leaders towards China?

For example, when the U.S. sanctioned to destroy Huawei, why didn’t China immediately do the same to some American Tech company operating in China such as Apple or Microsoft?

With the Tiktok Ban on the table, why aren’t they threatening to do similar?

It’s a damn good question and even better, I have an easy, straightforward answer that will make you a new China expert.

China’s govt leaders are wise & mature, playing the long game.

They know reacting in kind will only make things worse, further hurting more people and the market to the tune of billions. They are somehow not that shortsighted.

China’s core govt leaders are also not kowtowing to some deep state billionaires who are obviously behind the scenes.

They are making decisions strictly based on the well-defined govt plans as outlined in the 14th 5 Year Plan and most recent Two Sessions declarations. They have zero interest in a bipartisan political circus atmosphere that helps no one.

I am endlessly amazed at their wisdom & restraint in the face of these western clowns in charge.

The final simple answer explaining this to you is found in the Lewis Culture model – take a look where China is located on the Lewis triangle matrix. its at the yellow bottom right section, near Vietnam & Japan as well.

Chinese are “Reactive”…see that?

That means they let the other guy move first, they rarely move first, then they ponder & deliberately respond…

There are countless other examples of this in the history books.

Did China start the Korean War? Nope, they responded six months later. Did they start the Vietnam War? Nope, they were drawn in later.

Have they ever been the first to ban or sanction? Nope, not their style. They didn’t want to kick out Facebook. They only did so after Facebook refused to cooperate with the ETIM terrorist attacks coordinated on Facebook’s platform.

Did they ban Twitter? That’s an endless fake story. Its Twitter’s decision not to do business in China. They are not and have never been banned from doing so if they wish. Microsoft & Apple are here for decades, lots of other America Fortune 500 companies are too.

That’s it, friends, that’s China’s MO and I noticed it’s been this way ever 25 years ago when China first came on my radar.