Unvaccinated, unrestricted – and hardly any Covid deaths!
No civilization amenities – and yet they live longer than the rest of us!

How come? A look at the Amish traditionalists.

Civilization diseases are not caused by civilization itself, but by an unhealthy lifestyle that does not correspond to human physiology, e.g., by lack of exercise or inappropriate diet or health care.

Ignorant representations

The Amish Traditionalists trace their roots to the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century and are distinguished by two distinctive features: the use of horse-drawn vehicles and the use of Pennsylvania German dialect in worship and daily conversation. They are often portrayed as impoverished, perhaps unfairly so. They currently include nearly 400,000 people, and there are Amish communities in 32 U.S. states, primarily in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana. They live without electricity, cars, televisions, computers, telephones or any of the other modern conveniences that so many 21st century devices provide. They are committed to self-care, and many Amish prefer natural methods and traditional remedies to the drugs of Big Pharma. Yet the Amish, just like any other group of folks, are not a monolithic community. While Amish farms are generally powered by wood burning stoves you may also find Amish families which use solar power to power homes and businesses. 

The old yet wholesome folks…

But those who have studied them have found that the Amish are very healthy in old age. Currently, the average life expectancy in America is just under 79 years. In 1900 it was only 47, but among the Amish in the early 20th century it was already over 70. The Amish are significantly healthier than average Americans even in their later years and are a lot less likely to suffer from diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and other illnesses. 

…and America’s exceptionally healthy children

AP Photo/Jacqueline Larma
Amish children in an Amish buggie (AP Photo/Jacqueline Larma)

According to a new study, not a single Amish child was found to have chronic and other typical illnesses that are on the rise among U.S. children such as autoimmune diseases, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, ADHD, arthritis, cancer, autism and heart disease. 100% of Amish kids are unvaccinated.

The study was presented by Steve Kirsch, to the Senate of Pennsylvania, where the largest Amish community is found. 

Official health policy ignored — with positive results!

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In March 2021, AP reported: “The administrator of a medical center in the heart of the Amish community in New Holland Borough estimates as many as 90% of Plain families have since had at least one family member infected, and that this religious enclave achieved what no other community in the United States has: herd immunity.” (AP Picture: Amish buggies parked at a home for a wedding celebration during the Covid pandemic)

The official Covid policy has been completely shaken by the example of the Amish: The traditionalists completely ignored CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines: they did not wear masks, did not get vaccinated, did not impose or follow lockdowns, and had no restrictions. More than 90 percent of the Amish subsequently contracted covid, achieving herd immunity. And the covid death rate was 30 times lower in Amish communities than in the rest of the United States.

“Covid went through like a tsunami” among the Amish which made them acquire herd immunity very fast, which must have contributed to a low mortality rate among them. “Herd immunity refers to the number of people in a community or a country, for that matter, that have some protection against an infectious process,” explained Dr. Mike Cirigliano of the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

Cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough comes to a similar conclusion. It is noted from all sides that chronic diseases are increasing sharply in the American population. But they do not occur in the Amish communities, he explains.

So not only have the Amish excreted Covid like a flu virus, but they are raising the healthiest children in America.