The self-appointed guardians of democracy, political correctness, climate alarmism and freedom of expression are trying to silence the few independent voices

Eastern Angle is one of the last few independent islets in a sea of uniform, corporate-media controlled and partisan opinion journalism. I have re-published the piece “Top climate scientist: man-made ‘global warming crisis’ is a fabrication. An insider exposes the mechanics of manipulating science and shaping the narrative” on both Substack and its rival Medium. Substack didn’t mind, at least for now, but Medium sent me a mail informing me that it deleted the article as they “do not allow the use of pseudoscience, disinformation, or other content that is contrary to public health or safety.” It ended with the threat of suspending my account. 

Pseudoscience and Disinformation or simply Cancel Culture?

C:\Users\Felix Abt\Desktop\Rubbish\ woke cancel culture. censorship.jpg

Medium tried to force me to edit the article and bring it into line with the “official” account. I did not comply. So I was “punished” by Medium by having the post removed. All that’s left is an error message:

C:\Users\Felix Abt\Desktop\Rubbish\censorship 0a.jpg

I also received the following email from, which is unsigned and turns things on their head. Was it written by George Orwell himself?

C:\Users\Felix Abt\Downloads\Untitled Design copy (1).jpg

Dear reader, please read the piece again and tell me where I promoted “extreme content,” “pseudoscience” and spread “disinformation!” I couldn’t figure it out. 

C:\Users\Felix Abt\Desktop\Rubbish\Medium censorship 3.jpg

Just as Medium uses the phrase “Trust & Safety” at the end of its email, it advertises itself (screenshot above) with the slogan “Stay curious”, which sounds truly Orwellian. What you read on Medium primarily reflects the narrative of the mainstream media, and if it deviates from it, it is simply censored without giving a detailed explanation! Truly curious people don’t go there, they go to Eastern Angle and other independent media outlets that allow free speech for all.

The fact that Eastern Angle and its writers are censored, not in such a blatant way as Medium, but more covertly, using algorithms that send their posts to far-flung areas of the internet that can no longer be found by average readers, is not all: hackers repeatedly infiltrated the site with phishing and other malware. They slowed down the publication of articles, but were unable to destroy Eastern Angle. 

Alongside blatant censorship and sophisticated algorithms: Hacking to maintain the air superiority of the only acceptable narrative

There is no reason to whine about it, but enough reason to recognize it as a fact and do something about it: additional security measures have been taken to make it harder for the attackers. 

Nevertheless, it shows that censorship is not the only means of silencing independent voices, other coercive measures are also used. These three IPs:,,, operating from the United States, were the most active in shutting down Eastern Angle. They have not been able to destroy it, at least not yet. Eastern Angle would be grateful if readers who know who is behind this could help identify them. It is a small but important gesture of resistance against the ever-decreasing freedom of expression and the increasingly systematic deception of public opinion.

Stay safe and curious!