The Russia Ukraine War, a capitalist war of aggression perpetuated by the west

Ukraine is a Corrupt Dictatorship

When it comes to the Russia – Ukraine War (and that is exactly what it is) the narrative is very clear, Russia is the aggressor (bad guy) and Ukraine are the oppressed (good guys). On a simplistic level this is of course true, but how and why we got to this war is a much bigger question.

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Russia, Ukraine and the USSR

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was far from perfect place and neither were its satellite states. But to many in the world they provided a counterbalance to rampant capitalism and exploration, particularly in the developing world.

As for the UUSR itself it was and still is one of the most successful supernatural states to have ever existed. People from all over the UUSR held power and it was far from as Russian dominant. Stalin for goodness sake was Georgian for example. 

And as for the Ukraine? Aside from Belarus they were and are the most culturally and ethnically similar constituent states to the Russians and held enormous sway during the Soviet period. It is highly likely that had the New Union Treaty survived they would still be part of whatever that modern USSR would look like.

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Western strings though were to pull things another direction

The great betrayal of Russia and the Ukraine

When the Soviet Union ceased to exist make no mistake the new capitalist leadership weren’t only betrayed by the west, but also betrayed their own people. There is numerous documented evidence that NATO stated it would not move east, only to accept the Baltic Republics as they were a “special case”, and then in line with the European Union simply annexing Eastern and Central Europe, most of this done while Russians were selling the state silver to their cronies.

And then came Putin, who though still a capitalist nationalist had some balls to him. He finally started to push back. He invaded Georgia to prove a point, while Transnsitria, Abkhazia and South Ossetia were very much protected and even integrated.

When the democratically elected government in Ukraine was removed by the CIA coup he again stepped up and took Crimea, while also supporting the genuine Peoples Republics of Donbass. 

And then there was stalemate, but with one very big proviso, Ukraine was not to join the EU, or NATO.

Ukraine as a pawn 

Countless countries have tried, or are trying to join the EU, which is still recovering from letting in Romania and Bulgaria, as well as the loss of the UK through Brexit. Ukraine had both EU and NATO membership dangled in front of it after the western backed 2014 coup, but there was one big problem, they never intended to let them join.

The two most corrupt countries in Europe are Russia and Ukraine, with the reality being they will not be ready for EU membership for 20 years at best. And as for NATO? Russia have said them joining NATO is a red flag that will cause World War Three. 

It should be noted that during his time in power Trump managed to keep Putin at bay, with no Russian aggression happening on his watch.

And then he left and the west again started using the country as a pawn, effectively saying we don’t want you, but we don’t want anyone else to have you. 

The Military Industrial Complex and the Russia Ukraine War

Russia was ungodly amassing troops on the border and the world was playing a massive game, with Ukraine as the political football. Even 24 hours before the invasion Zelensky was saying Russia would not invade, but the US closed all diplomatic channels, Russia recognized the Donbass and war was upon us.

Russia of course thought it wold be a cake walk and according to first hand sources that I know “thought the East would welcome is in as liberators”, This obviously did not happen, so it was time for big politics and big business to get involved.

From a political point of view it was a way from the US to test its military against the Russians through proxy warfare, rather than an actual war in Ukraine, much as was seen in Korea, Vietnam and even Afghanistan, with of course mixed results for all sides.

And then there was the money element, the Military Industrial Complex needs money for war, heck there are trade conferences like SOFEX where people go literally to buy weapons of death.

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And the payout here was to be huge with literally billions of dollars being not only pumped into Ukraine, but also NATO members, who may I add have to buy their weapons from accredited suppliers, most of them being from the US. It is almost like Covid had hit business so bad they needed a war. 

The false democracy narrative with the Russia Ukraine War

The false democracy narrative is not false and to an extent true, at least with regards to the USA needing this war. Prior to the Russian invasion we had been gifted to Trump, Boris Johnson and of course Brexit.

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Democracy looked like an absolute shambles, as did NATIO and we were in the era of the strongmen. Putin, Erdogan, Xi, Hun Sen and of course Trump. Neo-liberalism/Neo-colonialism needed to make a comeback, but to do that you need a bad guy. China were not budging, so it was time to poke the bear, with the result being what we have now.

The Russia Ukraine War is not going how you think

Both on the battlefield and in media the war is probably going very differently to what you might be seeing. Russia is painted as a rag-tag people who cannot, or do not want to fight, or are anti-Putin. The truth is though that Russia has stood up to fight and while things might not have gone exactly to plan controlling 15 percent of another countries land, including major ports and cities is not failure. This is propaganda of Cold War proportions. 

Internationally too Russia is not hated nor a pariah state. Yes NATO hate them and tell everyone to hate them, but sanctions have hardly bitten and the states of the Middle-East and the BRICS countries are more than willing to trade. American is not the powerhouse it once was. 

Russia are also Neo-colonialists 

So while this tirade might seem like pro-Russia rant, it is not. We can see why Russia was provoked and maybe even understand their reasons, but the salient fact remains they were and are a capitalist autocratic empire.

Russia no longer cares about its people and while using Soviet era populist slogans does not provide even modicum of welfare to people, all the while as oligarchs can buy Super-Yachts and football clubs.

This is a war of aggression from one capitalist state to another, from one block to another, with people on both sides getting rich, while those that suffer are the proletariat. Do you think for one minute high ranking sons of rich Russians are on the front line, no they are not. 

Make no mistake this is a capitalist war which will make a lot of people very rich, while forcing nation states to pick sides in what is now Cold War 2.0. The only problem this time is that the waters are so muddied that there really is no idealistic camp with any integrity. 

Had the USSR survived these two peoples would not now be fighting their former brothers, but instead holding a United Front against the real common enemy, exploitative military led capitalism, supported and promoted by the idiotic pseudo-left woke movement, a cancer slowly destroying everything good and pure the rue left once stood for.

The Russia Ukraine War is far from finished, but it is how it might finish that is the most worrying part.