Politicized and instrumentalized by Washington: With the massive financing of the insolvent and failing enterprise Ukraine, the IMF has violated its own rules and wasted taxpayers’ money on a massive scale.

Recently, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen made a plea to Congress to continue pouring billions of dollars into the bottomless pit that is Ukraine. Otherwise, she warned, international organizations such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) would no longer provide funding.

The war must go on despite the desolate financial situation of the USA.

Yellen will have to issue more bonds at higher yields to cover the massive and ever-increasing spending on the US’s ongoing wars, including the proxy war in Ukraine. This will have a detrimental impact on Americans (increased inflation, higher mortgage costs) and businesses (increased borrowing costs). The US is effectively insolvent as it spends as much interest on its debt as it does on its massive military, while Russia, the enemy it seeks to destroy, has no debt. Thus, it makes sense that the US would want to share the financial load with fellow financiers like the IMF to somehow keep America’s client state on Russia’s border afloat.

Dubious financial organization

The IMF’s questionable involvement in the entire Ukrainian affair is startling. Ukraine was supposed to return a $3 billion loan to Russia in 2014, but it defaulted. The post-Maidan coup administration has been able to unreasonably prolong the litigation of this issue in London, and during this process, UK courts have rendered exceptional rulings that have been motivated more by political than by legal considerations.

The IMF should have stopped lending as soon as it became clear that Ukraine would not be able to service its debt, i.e. in 2014.

Instead, even when the situation in Ukraine collapsed and the country’s economy turned into an empty shell—as even Ukrainian officials now acknowledge—the IMF ignored its own regulations and kept lending to that country.

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The Guardian: “International Monetary Fund breaks ground with first such support for a country at war.” The IMF began its massive lending long before the start of the military conflict in February 2022 and continued after the outbreak of hostilities (Screenshot The Guardian)

Moreover, it is not the stated mission of the IMF to finance a nation engaged in hostilities, although it has done just that!

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Would a bank or other lender in its right mind continue to lend freely to a private company that loses half its turnover in a year, is deep in the red and on the verge of bankruptcy, or is already bankrupt?
(Screenshot World Economic Fund WEF website)
Wishful thinking and pure propaganda instead of hard facts: The IMF fulfills Washington’s expectations (Screenshot IMF website)
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Instead of a thorough economic assessment, the IMF issued politically motivated reviews in which it glossed over Ukraine’s desolate economic situation in the interests of Western shareholders (of which the United States is the largest) and war supporters, thereby throwing even more good money after bad. (Screenshot IMF website)

Moreover, it is not the stated mission of the IMF to finance a nation engaged in hostilities, although it has done just that!

Economy on life support. The plug could soon be pulled.

The neoconservatives in the United States, including Janet Yellen, fear that even the IMF will no longer make money available to Ukraine if the US funding is rejected – which could soon be the case. This would mean that the Ukrainian economy as a whole would collapse. And then it will turn out that the IMF should never have given Ukraine money in the first place, given its long-standing and obvious fragility!