Out of Africa… Macron’s Belligerence Towards Russia is Compensating for Rejection of Colonialist France

No French politician can feel more aggrieved than President Emmanuel Macron. Macron imagines himself to be on a mission to restore “France’s greatness”. He seems to harbor fantasies of also leading the rest of Europe under the tutelage of Paris.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was spot-on this week in his observation about why France’s Emmanuel Macron is strutting around and mouthing off about war in Ukraine.

Putin remarked in an interview that Macron’s wanton warmongering over Ukraine was borne out of resentment due to the spectacular loss of France’s standing in Africa. One after another, France’s former colonial countries have told Paris in no uncertain terms to get out of their internal affairs.

Since 2020 and the coup in Mali, there has been immense political upheaval on the continent, particularly in West and Central Africa, stretching from the vast Sahel region down to the equator. At least seven nations have undergone coups or government changes against Francophone rulers. They include Mali, Burkina Faso, Chad, Niger, Central African Republic, Gabon, and Guinea.

The continent-wide changes have come as a political earthquake to France. The new African governments have adamantly rejected old-style French patronage and have asserted a newfound national independence. Paris has had to recall unwanted ambassadors, shut down military bases, and withdraw thousands of troops.

Where to put these French troops? In Ukraine, pitted against Russia?

Popular sentiment across Africa is exasperated with and repudiating “Francafrique” corruption.

Meanwhile, with an unmistakable end-of-era sense, French media have lamented “France’s shrinking footprint in Africa.”

A former diplomat summed up the momentous geopolitical shift thus: “The deep trend confirms itself. Our military presence is no longer accepted. We need to totally rethink our relationship with Africa. We have been kicked out of Africa. We need to depart from other countries before we are told to.”


Africa analysts are now watching two key countries closely. They are Senegal and Ivory Coast. Both are currently governed by pro-France presidents but the rising anti-French political tide is putting those incumbents at risk of either a coup or electoral ouster.

The blow to the French political elite cannot be overstated. The loss of status in its former colonies is conflating multiple crises tantamount to the traumatic loss of Algeria back in the early 1960s.

Financially, for decades after handing over nominal independence to African nations, Paris continued to exploit these countries through control of currencies and their prodigious natural resources. Most of France’s electricity, for example, is generated from uranium ore mined in Africa – and obtained like most other African resources for a pittance.

The system of neocolonial suzerainty was typically sustained by France bribing local corrupt regimes to do its bidding and offering security guarantees from the continuance of French military bases. Not for nothing did Paris think of itself as the African Gendarme.

One of the extraordinary curiosities of this neocolonial arrangement was that African nations were compelled to deposit their gold treasuries in France’s central bank. Any African nation trying to resist the neocolonial vassalage was liable to be attacked militarily through counter-coups, or its nationalist leaders were assassinated like Thomas Sankara in 1987, who was known as “Africa’s Che Guevara”.

Nevertheless, the halcyon days of France’s dominance over its former colonies are over. African nations are discovering a new sense of independence and purpose, as well as solidarity to help each other fend off pressure from France to reinstate the status quo ante.

The collapse of France’s status in Africa is perceived by the French establishment as a grievous loss in presumed global power.

No French politician can feel more aggrieved than President Emmanuel Macron. Macron imagines himself to be on a mission to restore “France’s greatness”. He seems to harbor fantasies of also leading the rest of Europe under the tutelage of Paris.

It was Macron who proclaimed one of his grand objectives as achieving a reset in Franco-African relations, one which would renew continental respect for Paris and promote French strategic interests. How embarrassing for Macron that a whole spate of African nations are asserting that they no longer want to have anything to do with the old colonial power. Chagrin indeed.

Part of Africa’s newfound confidence to pursue independent development is the nascent reality of a multipolar world that is no longer under the control of Western powers. African nations are embracing the vision of a multipolar world and mutual international cooperation as espoused by Russia, China, and other Global South nations.

Since 2019, Moscow has hosted two Russia-Africa summits which have seen high-level attendance from all 54 nations of the continent. Russia’s history of supporting African independence from Western colonialism has stood the test of time and today garners much respect and appreciation. During the popular upheavals in several countries ousting Francophone presence, the local population often wave Russian flags and pro-Russian placards.

Some of the new governments have requested Russian military support to consolidate the changes and to defend against any counter-revolutionary interference from Paris.

Of course, predictably, Macron and the French establishment have invoked the canard that Russia is to blame for sowing African animosity towards France.

The facts, however, suggest that African nations are making a free and independent choice to ally with Russia, China, and other multipolar advocates. The centuries-old colonialism and neocolonialism of the global minority of Western powers have become untenable and obsolete. The Western powers enriched themselves on the backs of Africans and other nations of the Global South. France and other blood-sucking Western neocolonialists would like the parasitic model to continue. But the nefarious historical game is up.

To rationalize the shock suffered by French arrogance, Macron and his ilk are trying to scapegoat Russia (and China) for the loss of Africa.

This is why Macron is trying to find a new purpose and mission as the “defender of Europe” against alleged Russian aggression.

In an interview with French TV media this week, Macron doubled down on his unhinged proposal to deploy NATO troops in Ukraine.

The French president declared with hysteria that: “If Russia wins this war [in Ukraine], Europe’s credibility will be reduced to zero.”

Macron’s recklessness is criminal. He is talking up war with Russia based on sheer lies and vanity.

When he says Europe’s credibility will be reduced to zero what he really means is that his credibility and that of NATO will be reduced to zero when Russia defeats the NATO-backed NeoNazi regime in Kiev.


Macron is a most dangerous kind of politician. He has an inordinate ego that has been bruised, his delusions have been shattered, he is an impotent vassal of American imperialism, and he is desperate for his sordid political survival.

The French people are all too well aware of the charlatan that poses like a Louis XIV Sun King in Elysée Palace basking in his presumed vainglory.

How ironic. Kicked out of Africa… and now trying to start World War Three in Europe. How pathetic and criminal.