Kashmir and Gaza: Perfidy, Poison & Empire

Insights from The Full Resources of the Truth.

You will not understand the conflict in Gaza without a firm grasp of four hundred years of British Imperialism.

Excuse my blunt certainty.

All the conflicts of our Century of Deception are bound up in the Long Great War of 1914 – 2024, the origins of which, as I’ve always told you, go back to the mid 1860’s when the English elites began plotting to pit Russia and Germany in a vast conflagration that would, so they hoped, destroy them both.

While visiting Cambridge University in the early nineteen thirties, Muhammad Ali Jinnah was approached by two men from MI6. The first Governor General of the future Pakistan was not aware of their identities, just that they were well bred persons of rank who were obviously close to sources of power.

The imperial operators knew just how to handle Jinnah. They intimated that senior policy makers in Whitehall knew that Indian Independence was not far off. Would he, Ali Jinnah, like to be the man who ensured that at Independence he would lead the Mohammedan minority to possess a Nation State of their own? Al Jinnah enthusiastically concurred, happy to have behind-the-scenes support for a project that suddenly—now that he’d heard it so plainly laid out by senior establishment figures—made perfect sense.

Over the next eighteen years matters were so arranged that the Indian National Congress bore the brunt of British oppression and imprisonment, tactics that allowed the Muslim League to more effectively focus their energies on petitioning for an independent Muslim majority state.

In 1948 the British administered a double dose of poison to the ancient land of Bharat.

The British Raj partitioned the subcontinent into India and Pakistan, the latter comprising West and East Pakistan. They also ensured that Muslim majority Kashmir was allowed to follow its Hindu Raja into becoming part of the new Indian State.

Divide et Impera is a well known policy of British Imperial rule.

But the crowning achievement of divide and rule is when a departing empire leaves a suppurating poison in its wake, an irresolvable wound that can be opened up at will for years to come by those who operate in the shadows.

The partition of India was a catastrophe for Bharat. Had they so wished it would have been easy for the British to leave behind a United India. I won’t go into the potential difficulties facing a united Islamo-Hindustan in 1948; no doubt many challenges would have faced the young nation. But none of these would have come close to the bloodbath that followed in the wake of partition.

The subsequent rancour and race hatred between India and Pakistan was naturally favourable to the Money Powers—who of course designed it to be that way—so that they could pit one side against the other to further their geopolitical aims on the Asian subcontinent.

The final parting shot to the people of the subcontinent was poison.


By which I mean the post 1948 status of Kashmir.

As anyone who has been there knows, Srinagar, Dal Lake, Nageen Lake and the surrounding mountains are the pearl of India. From sultans to honeymooning couples in the British Raj to modern day tourists (or hippies in my case) everyone is captivated by the sublime beauty of Kashmir. The Moghul sultan Emperor Jahangir built Shalimar Bagh as a testament to his love of the Land of Saffron, and who, declaring his worth on his deathbed, famously said: Kashmir! The rest is worthless.

Mughal era poets wrote effusively about this beautiful mountain abode and often equated it with paradise. Delicious fruit and nuts grow in abundance and Kashmiri cuisine is famed throughout India and Pakistan. When I lived in India, Kashmiri pulao was always a favourite dish of mine.

By ensuring Kashmir went to India in 1948, the British Empire left behind an open wound that has festered for seventy five years with no realistic solution in sight.

Kashmir. For whom the poets weep.

If there is a paradise on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here. — Orfi Shirazi

Sublime beauty meets incomparable wisdom: Looking at the gorgeous beauty of Kashmir should have inspired the largesse of Solomon on they who held the sword over the infant child of destiny. One night under the full moon in Shalimar gardens should have induced the certainty: By God. No, no, no. This enchanted land is a jewel far too precious to split into pieces. Kashmir must remain whole. And if Kashmir remains whole, so must the whole of Bharat. The entirety of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Christians and Tribal Animists must remain united under one great land.

Instead the British Raj left behind an open sewer of poison.

This festering geopolitical wound allows the slimy bastards of perfidy to manipulate, interfere and rule the subcontinent behind the scenes in their endless continuation of the Long Great War.

Three wars have been fought between India and Pakistan. To this day Kashmir remains under occupation; about quarter of a million Indian troops are stationed in Kashmir valley and the surrounding mountains.


I have repeatedly said that the World Situation can only be resolved with the Full Resources of the Truth.

One way of investigation is to put two geopolitical problems side by side. When two intractable world issues are put together, synergy occurs and the resulting insight allows a larger and more comprehensive understanding of the greater whole—insight that neither problem would provide on its own.

I invite my readers to see if any comparisons come to mind. Further analysis will follow in the next stack.

Putting three, four or five Tristorical events together produces more revelations. Then if one uses Rainforest Thinking and considers Empire as an animal species, say a tiger in the jungle, one is soon able to observe the footprints of empire.

This is a very powerful analytical tool. We can now make deductions when there is no evidence. If, in the jungles of Bengal, the presence of a tiger is deduced by the presence of pugmarks; and the next day a woman disappears from the village, seemingly without reason, one can be certain that she was carried off by the tiger.

Of course if someone saw the tiger do the deed that would constitute proof. We always want evidence. But that’s the problem: we are dealing with an animal skilled in stalking its prey unobserved and leaving little or no trace of its abduction.

In other words, tigers operate by stealth.

And so do the Anglo-American Ruling Classes.


If there is a paradise on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here…

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