It’s Extra Strange To Me When Psychotic Warmongering Lunatics Are Female

🔥Oh Hey Friends! Guess what??🔥…I just found a new female psychopathic warmongering lunatic as bad as Nikki Haley. Fun, right?

Meet Rebecca L. Heinrichs, a senior fellow at Hudson Institute and director of its Keystone Defense Initiative.

Its obvious from this article of hers in the New York Post, our dear Ms. Heinrich supports Zionist Israel’s slaughter of children, wants a lot more bloodshed and war in the Middle East and yet, most pathetically, she says it’s China, who hasn’t started a war with any other nation in 45 freakin’ years, who “provokes, threatens, coerces…” Well, two months ago I have to admit, a Chinese Coast Guard ship did squirt water to repel a Philippines fishing vessel, so there’s that. The horror, I know, believe me. I can’t get the picture of it out of my head.

C:\Users\Felix Abt\Desktop\Rubbish\Biden Jordan.jpg

In my view, Nikki Haley needs to graciously bow out and hand over that Miss Universe Psychopathic WarMonger crown to the new bloodshed queen Rebecca L. Heinrichs. Let’s explore what she wrote more deeply in this NY Post article which is focused on criticizing Biden’s “disastrous approach to foreign policy” that resulted in the recent killing of 3 U.S. solders. In this regard at least, we can agree with her analysis.

We begin by noting that Ms. Heinrich’s hawkish rantings don’t differ from Nikki Haley much when it comes to China, starting with treating China as “the enemy”, never mind that China has risen to become the new global superpower, the world’s #1 dominant force in trade & manufacturing, all without starting war or attacking any other nation in almost half a century since the 1979 Sino Vietnam thing, which China didn’t start.

While she rightly points out that China is benefiting from the current Red Sea situation with Yemen’s Houthis allowing Chinese ships to pass unimpeded, maybe she should instead express her appreciation to China for rising in peace and not killing the kiddies, no? Oh heaven forbid we should support a peaceful world without bloodshed and weapon sales.

Secondly, Biden is too nice to Iran. Oh yes, let’s blame Iran for all the world’s troubles, not Zionist Israel & the United States in their endless slaughter of children & their moms in Gaza. They’re the good guys, remember? Ms. Heinrichs strongly suggest Biden is basically a chicken, afraid to escalate violence in the Middle East while she does not less than beg for “U.S. escalation and enabling our allies to escalate”

Yes, Ms. Heinrich, let’s kill even more innocent civilians, rah rah, sisboom bah, that’s the solution!

I’ll leave it to you to read the rest of this woman’s drivel at the NY Post link below. Cheers.

(Top picture from the book cover of “Women as war criminals”)