GoPro Guerilla Warfare (Vs. A TikTok Genocide)

Resistance fighters watching and targeting the occupying ‘Israeli’ army

Today we are able to witness the Warsaw Ghetto Rebellion and Stalingrad in real-time. We can see both partisan resistance and the cowardly destruction of civilians, live on social media. As Gil Scott Heron said, “The revolution will not be televised,” and he was right. The legacy media is leaving a legacy of genocidal incitement, but the truth is out there if you go around it, as most of us do these days.

The Resistance has GoPros on, and they’re uploading to Telegram every day.Meanwhile the Israel Occupation Forces have TikTok and they’re (literally) showing their genocidal asses. You can see for yourself, but if you’d rather spare yourself that fire hose of trauma, this is a summary. This post contains social media posts from both ‘Israeli’ and Palestinian sources — mostly fighters — on the ground, with links to the full videos if you can bear it. Note that most of the links go to Telegram, so just get (ideally the desktop version) if you want to see things.

A Bit Of Context

As a bit of context, previously we have discussed what actually happened on October 7th, which is what I’m comparing to the Warsaw Ghetto Rebellion. We have also discussed who the Axis of Resistance is, who I am calling partisans. I have tried to summarize what their praxis is (what they’re doing), and how ‘Israel’ is winning the genocide and losing the war, by turning Gaza into Stalingrad. That’s all for context. Now let’s get into specifics, the theatre of war, the actors, and what they’re doing. A trigger warning is in order, because there’s a lot of trigger pulling.

The Theatre

The theatre of the Gaza War — what the partisans call the Al Aqsa Flood battle — is a patch of razed earth like Stalingrad last century. In Stalingrad, the Nazis bombed the entire city into rubble, which seemed like a good idea (to Nazis), until they had to fight through it with infantry.

The Soviets ‘hugged’ the Nazi invaders at ‘zero distance’, nullifying the Luftwaffe’s air advantage. Meanwhile, the rubble nullified the Wehrmacht’s tank and armor advantage and they had to fight block by block (sometimes floor by floor) with fucking shovels. The Nazis effectively prepared, dug and then laid down in their own grave in Stalingrad, taking a million souls with them. You can watch the drama in the great Soviet Storm documentary but — spoiler alert — the Nazis lost.

The same thing is happening in Gaza today. Israel has razed Gaza to the ground, dropping more bombs than even most battles during World War II, and killing more civilians, especially children. It is truly a scorched Earth policy, both a crime against humanity and a military disaster. Children and hospitals are not military targets, and that’s what Israel has been focused on. Meanwhile the underground resistance is literally underground, popping out of the rubble Israel created to snipe them. It’s Stalingrad 2023. Only this time the Resistance has GoPros on, the Nazis have OnlyFans, and you can see it happening.


Resistance fighters emerging out of tunnels

What makes Gaza even worse than Stalingrad (for the invaders) is the network of well-prepared tunnel underneath it. It’s like Stalingrad + Vietnam, which were both devastating losses for imperialists. Palestinian Resistance fighters are able to quickly emerge out of tunnelseliminate IOF, and then disappear just as quickly. The Resistance is able to observe Israeli troop concentration at zero distance through snake cameras, rig explosives around them, and blow them up easily. The IOF is pretty incompetent (as you’ll see), but this minefield they created would bedevil anybody. Then can kill children with impunity, but when it comes to battles with men, ‘Israel’ is bleeding profusely.

Israeli soldiers being observed at zero distance

Even if the IOF could find the tunnels, who the fuck wants to go in there? Tunnel entrances are routinely rigged to blow up on top of them (see below). It’s a nightmare. They’re looking for a needle in a haystack of rubble, and getting eye poked relentlessly.

Israelis ‘discovering’ a tunnel entrance… right before it blows up on them

Israel publishes maps of areas they’ve ‘cleared’ or ‘controlled’, but these are irrelevant when your enemy is underground. IOF ground troops are always encircled, just in three dimensions. It’s the vertical axis that’s killing them.

Like Stalingrad, the Resistance is engaging at zero-distance, making air support useless. To top it off, the Israeli Army is useless against actual soldiers. They’re too scared to get out of their tanks, so the Resistance walks right up to their tanks and places explosive on/under them.

An Al-Qassam fighter taking an explosive right up to a tank, which is unprotected by infantry.

Israel is in a bad situation compounded by cowardice and sheer idiocy. Israel can bomb women and children from afar and round-up, torture, and execute civilian men, but when it comes to fighting actual fighters in the actual theatre of war, they’re getting smoked, and quite publicly, as we’ll see.

The Actors

We’ve mentioned them in passing, but let’s break down the players here, and get directly into their social media. We’ll start with the Israeli side, which is a unique combination of war crimes and war cringe.


Getting a facial while firing mortars.


This, for example, is an Israeli soldier giving himself a facial while firing mortars. This is not a serious army, as you can see, they’re just a bunch of bullies with access to high technology. I will call them the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) rather than the Defense Force (IDF) because they’re an occupying power, they have no right to defense under international law at all.

The entire country of Israel is just an ‘unsinkable aircraft carrier’ for America (as the Americans openly admit). America has got this country to be its garrison state near the gas station, with almost all men and women effectively conscripted (either in the reserves or active duty). This meant they could mobilize over 300,000 troops quite quickly (to complement their 150,000 activity duty). These troops, however, suck, as we’ll see.

As a ‘defensive’ force, the IOF completely shat the bed on October 7th. They ran and hid, lost hundreds of troops and officers, and bombed their own positions and civilians in fear. They were, as the Resistance says, ‘weak as a spider’s web’. As Al-Qassam spokesman Abu Obeida said“The most extraordinary thing we always discover after every battle, the enemy’s army is perhaps the only army in the world that wears diapers. More specifically, Pampers.” He was being quite serious. IOF soldiers seem to be having gastrointestinal problems from the biological siege warfare they unleashed, and to also be shitting themselves in fear of actual fighting.

When you see Israeli soldiers, it looks like the marketing department of Wix or Sodastream has taken to the battlefield, which is the opposite of intimidating. Meanwhile the Resistance is a literal army of orphans, a bunch of Batmans out for justice. Whereas the Resistance doesn’t even show their faces, the Israeli Army shows their whole ass, quite literally.

I’m not even being selective, there’s a lot of this

The IOF is dismissively called a ‘TikTok’ Army because, well, they post a lot of dumb shit on TikTok. I’m not even being selective here, there’s a lot of videos of them dancing. This is obviously approved by the Israeli Army, but I don’t know who thought this would be intimidating.

Whereas the Resistance posts combat footage, Israeli has precious little footage of themselves engaging militants at all. Instead they just round up civilians, strip, and pose them with guns, or run around shooting at walls.

I don’t know what they’re shooting at here. Rats?

Via Arya

Israel has tried to copy the ‘red triangle’ footage of the Resistance, but they can’t because they’re not actually doing anything militarily. They have some ‘blue triangle’ footage of them blowing up buildings, but no triangles on actual militants or military targets. It’s actually weird. Instead you get… dancing? History truly repeats, first as tragedy, now as farce.

There are a lot of IDF dance videos for some reason


These people don’t look like soldiers at all, they look like college students on spring break in fatigues. Their army looks like completely unserious amateurs, which most of them are. They’re conscripted out of their white-collar jobs to fight people that live underground and make their own sniper rifles. It’s obviously not going well. Without American air and diplomatic cover, ‘Israel’ would be done in a matter of weeks. As it is, they’re only able to kill civilians and have barely scratched the actual militants.

The footage Israeli soldiers post, when it is not idiotic, is them committing war crimes and bragging about ethnic cleansing. Here they are in Jenin (in the West Bank! Not even Gaza!) “smoking a hookah (probably looted), while mocking arrested Palestinian detainees, and joking around about vacationing (and having sex) in the Gaza beach in the future.” (Via). There is tons of this stuff, and it’s as useless militarily as it is criminal.

Occupying a family home, tying them up, stealing their stuff, and somehow being proud of this.


As you can see from this behavior in the West Bank, this behavior is endemic to the IOF. As academic Laleh Khalili said about previous campaigns, “Israeli soldiers have left graffiti — often using quite violent, even genocidal, language; defecated in kitchens; looted valuable personal items; destroyed everyday objects and belongings; and taken trophy photographs of themselves.”

All of the above is happening in Gaza. IOF soldiers are riding around on kids stolen bicycles, waving guns around children’s playgroundsplaying stolen guitars, rifling through women’s underwear and calling them ‘sluts’, saying they will teach Hebrew in a bombed-out school, they don’t really seem aware of how depraved they are. As Mark Baum said in The Big Short, “I don’t get it. Why are they confessing?” His friend replied, “They’re not confessing. They’re bragging.”

Here, for example, is OnlyFans model turned soldier Natalia Fadeev posting about how they’re actually colonizing the land, something Israel is officially denying, albeit limply. The soldiers just don’t give a fuck and post openly about it.

In the same way, here’s Israeli comedian Guy Hochman saying “everything is ours” as he takes off his pants and goes for a swim.


Again, this is not a serious army. This is just a bunch of bullies used to killing children. But now the children they didn’t kill have grown up, and these idiots are paying for it. Much of the Israeli Army is made up of literal tourists, and Gaza is turning into a vacation from hell for them. But they’re still sending postcards.

The weird thing about the Israeli videos is that they show everything except fighting. Wedding proposalsGay wedding proposals (which are still illegal in Israel), raising Israeli flagsUkrainian flagsgay flagserecting menorahs in front of universities (and blowing them up), attaching Israeli flags to captives (many of whom are tortured and some executed).


It’s an obscene combination of war crimes and vacation photos. None of this has any military significance, and propaganda wise it makes them look both ghoulish and garish. The Zionists are having facials in the ruins of Gaza, like the Nazis vacationing outside of Auschwitz.

All of this social media posting must be approved (indeed, encouraged) by the higher ups. The whole fake country is completely out of touch. Take, for example, the weird case of the Golani Regiment.

These are supposed to be the best of the best, the geniuses of genocide. But all they did was take a bunch of photo ops around civilian buildings, carve the Star of David into the ground with tanks, and then get their leaders and officers killed and promptly retreat. What was the point even?


Israel’s elite brigade has nothing to show for themselves besides some tracks in the dirt, photo-ops, and PTSD. It’s all propaganda (which makes you look like assholes) and then a retreat which makes you look like losers. It’s just a total loss. Israel thought crowdsourcing the most superficial propaganda was a good idea, but this has backfired spectacularly. The IOF’s social media posting makes them look both evil and incompetent. Which, if you’re trying to deter anybody, is not a good look.

The Resistance

Meanwhile the Resistance is methodically lighting shit up. They’re not just targeting Israeli troops and equipment, they’re targeting officers. Israeli officers are weirdly young. The IOF has 23-year-old Majors, 19-year-old Sergeants, it’s unclear what’s even going on here, but these people are not experienced and they’re not getting any more experienced because they’re dying.

Meanwhile, Hamas’s Al Qassam Brigades (just one part of the Resistance) are deeply professional. Unlike Israel, they don’t have unlimited weapons from Uncle Sam, so they have to make every shot count. And they have to record it also, so they send our professional cameramen as part of the crew. In one story the militants tell (about a 2014 raid), well, I’ll let them tell it.

One fighter was hit and he told the cameraman, “Place your trust in Allah and leave, I’m martyred. I couldn’t feel my body at that point. He refused and said ‘It’s impossible for me to leave you!’ Our brother Abu Hamza had made an oath with himself that day: he would never leave anyone behind no matter what. So he took me and brought me down to the tunnel.”

But this is the interesting part. He took the camera down first. As the story continues, [Interviewer] “So he handed his camera and came back for you? [Militant] “Correct, he handed his camera and immediately came back. His priority was handing in the camera, because his objective was to film.”

These are not people shaking their ass in safe spaces. These are serious fighters, who are also serious about the vital role of propaganda. The Resistant sends out teams of people with professional cameramen, which is how we get all this footage. This is how they do it:

As an Al-Qassam fighter says at 1:52 in this video“After they pass by us, we will give you information, God willing. We will tell you they passed by. You send the scout, and then the shooter, his support, and the cameraman. You will execute your strike and return, God willing.”

Via the Resistance News Network on Telegram

All of this is done under constant siege and bombardment. There is obviously no time or place for dancing here, even if they wanted to. The Israelis may have the uniforms, but the Resistance has the discipline. While the Israeli’s troops are making their own TikToks, the Palestinians are making their own sniper rifles. As you can see from another video:

“We will continue Killing your Soldiers by our locally manufactured Snipers”


The closest thing I’ve seen to a Resistance member dancing is this Palestinian Islamic Jihad militant skipping after hitting a tank. This young man in slippers, without body armor, living underground, blew up a tank. If anyone deserves to skip for joy it’s him.

Al Quds Brigade,


Meanwhile the IOF posts TikToks of them tooling around in open jeeps like they’re beach buggies. It’s foolhardy and arrogant to the extreme. In response, Al-Qassam posts videos of them lighting up those jeeps with guided missiles. These people are not the same.

IOF soldier having a jolly in an open jeep


Al Qassam lighting up a similar jeep with an anti-tank guided missile (ATGM)


Resistance fighters are not hanging out on beaches. They’re not going swimming. They’re not posting to their own social media. They are literally underground, living on canned food, reading the Quran during rest periods, and otherwise resisting. You can get a sense from this documentary covering the tunnelstraining, and a 2014 attack by the Al-Qassam Brigades (Hamas). And the tunnels, trainings, and attacks have only gotten more sophisticated since.

Part 1

Part 2

Meanwhile the Israelis look like genocidal jokers. As one of the militants in that documentary said (Part 2, 11:00“When I embarked on this operation, I had slightly higher expectations for [the IOF]. But the reality was so different from my expectations, [the IOF] didn’t even deserve the strenuous training I had to endure.”

The sad fact is that the Resistance cannot protect the civilians of Gaza from the aircraft and aircraft carriers of Israel/America (it’s one thing), but they are thrashing the IOF on the ground. The IOF is used to sniping children and blowing up hospitals and absolutely crumbles in the face of any actual resistance. Because IOF soldiers are scared to get out of their tanks, the Resistance is running up to the tanks and destroying them at ‘zero-distance’.

Here’s the first red triangle I ever saw, a fighter running up to place a charge right under the Trophy anti-RPG system that Israeli tanks use. This is real bravery.

Via Revolutionary Em

And they post videos like this every single day. Here, for example, is a tank blowing up, I could show you twenty:

Al Qassam Brigades

As the most useless Palestinian, DJ Khaled, might say, here’s another one:

Al Qassam Brigades

And here’s a summary of activities from last week:


As Yahya Sinwar, the Hamas leader in Gaza, wrote in a letter (Christmas Day I think), summarizing things:

The Al-Qassam Brigades are engaged in a fierce, violent, and unprecedented battle against the “israeli” occupation forces, and the occupation army has suffered heavy losses in lives and equipment.

During the ground war, the Al-Qassam Brigades targeted no less than 5,000 soldiers and officers, killing a third of them, another third suffered serious injuries, and the remaining third sustained permanent disabilities. As for military vehicles, 750 of them were destroyed, either completely or partially.

The Al-Qassam Brigades have shattered the occupation army, and they are continuing on their path to further break it, asserting that they will not submit to the occupation’s conditions.

These numbers actually check out, using Israeli sources. The IOF claims only around 1,593 soldiers wounded, but Ha’aretz (an Israeli paper) checked (partial) hospital data and found 4,454 soldiers being treated. Again, that’s just partial data.

Israel has colonial era military censorship laws and they’re simply covering up the damage they’re taking. But the damage is real. Israel’s conscript army — guarding the gas station for the United States — is really dying. Israel has a much lower tolerance for military casualties and time is ticking for the TikTok army.

While Israel is blowing up hospitals and bulldozing refugee camps and pretending like Hamas was hiding under them, Hamas is seeking and destroying them in the field. Israel doesn’t have to look for the Resistance, the Resistance will come and find them. At the beginning of Israel’s invasion, Hamas said that Israel was entering ‘the maze of the arrogant’, and that’s exactly what it’s turned out to be.

I repeat that the IOF is just destroying unrelated and innocent people on the surface of Gaza, following an open policy of ethnic cleansing. They are in fact targeting hospitals, bakeries, sanitation, and water supplies, trying to kill the civilian population through infection and disease, and then push the rest of the natives into the desert. These are acts of pure cowardice, evil, and also military stupidity.

The point of warfare is to degrade your enemy, and Is/Merica is just degrading itself in public. These war crimes are also completely unrelated to the war they claim to be fighting. Hamas and the Resistance are literally underground, and Israel isn’t degrading their fighting capacity in the least.

Israel is in serious trouble because, as their War Minister Yoav Gallant said, “We’re being attacked from 7 separate fronts amid the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip, we’ve only been able to respond to 6. We are in a multi-front war, we are being attacked from Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, West Bank, Iraq, Yemen, and Iran.”

Another front is the social media war, and there they’re also losing. They’re not just losing a war on multiple fronts, the whole world knows they’re fronting. Gil Scott-Heron said,

The revolution will not be televised
Will not be televised
Will not be televised
Will not be televised
The revolution will be no re-run, brothers
The revolution will be live

Brother Gil was right. Palestinians have kicked off the Revolution against the whole wretched White Empire, and — though the television is telling us lies — we can see it live. The revolution is alive and kicking, Empire is taking a licking, and— for the TikTok Army and their boomer patrons — time is ticking. There’s a red triangle hovering over Empire’s head and— though it may take years, though it may take decades — these carbon crusaders are getting eliminated. The Al Aqsa Flood is just the beginning.