Explosive Revelation by a Top German Politician: War is a Proxy War in Ukraine over Lithium in the Donbas

Roderich Kiesewetter, retired colonel, defense policy spokesman for the CDU and probably soon defense minister in a new government, is one of the best-known and most influential transatlantic war propagandists and Russophobic revanchists in Germany, whose claims are often quoted by the media. But because they don’t mention the highly remarkable statement he made a few days ago, we are the only ones reporting it, at least among the English-language media.

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Roderich Kiesewetter on all channels with his prayer wheel-like appeals: “Ukraine must join NATO and the EU, and it must win the war against Russia with a never-ending stream of NATO weapons.” (Screenshot of Kiesewetter, right, and interviewer on German state television ARD)

Kiesewetter appeared on the German state television program “Berlin Direkt” from Lithuania, where he confirmed the very thesis that the media had previously relentlessly slandered as “Russian propaganda”. In minute 6.28 of the program, he openly declared:

“They (Ukraine) are waging a proxy war.”

Kiesewetter is unexpectedly candid about the nature of the proxy war at minute 8.40:

“If Europe wants to complete the energy transition, it needs its own lithium deposits. The largest lithium deposits in Europe are in the Donetsk-Lugansk region. That’s why Russia wants them, to make us dependent on the energy transition concerning electric motors. So we also have completely different goals in the background here. And that’s why we need a united effort from our citizens so that our politicians have the backing to do more for Ukraine.”

While Kiesewetter acknowledges that Germany and other European countries are interested in lithium in the predominantly Russian-speaking Donbas, which has been bombarded with NATO weapons by the Kiev regime since it took power following a Western-backed coup in 2014, he falsely claims that Russia is also interested in the valuable resource. Although Western politicians have repeatedly misrepresented or ignored Russia’s stated goals for the so-called special military operation (as opposed to a so-called war of conquest for all of Ukraine), Russia has made them clear on many occasions.


Warmongering German politicians like Roderich Kiesewetter repeat the baseless propaganda claims of their masters in Washington. This is a screenshot of Vladimir Putin’s response to the discredited domino theory, which the US president has once again pulled out of the mothballs of history.

At approximately the same time, Kiev announced the mobilization of an additional 500,000 Ukrainians to be sacrificed as cannon fodder in this proxy war. Alexei Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, stated in a broadcast on the television station “Rada” that every Ukrainian, without exception, must participate in the armed battle with Russia: “We must be a single system, a single family, and everyone must take part in it, and not selectively – one fights and the other sits in the casino and throws chips“. 

The mobilization for a war that could easily have been avoided by Washington and its vassal regime in Kiev has already led to numerous scandals. Recently, the media have reported on violence by military officers against civilians when issuing call-up orders, the enlistment of people into the armed forces despite their medical incapacity, and how members of parliament and civil servants avoid mobilization by traveling abroad with their conscripted sons.

According to Defense Minister Rustem Umerov, the government also wants to call up Ukrainians who have fled abroad for military service next year. Earlier, Ukrainian media had learned of his previously unknown declaration for 2022, according to which his three underage children had allegedly been granted US citizenship and were living abroad. This lie was later admitted and corrected by the press service of the Ministry of Defense, confirming that his children lived in the US but only had Ukrainian citizenship. Ukrainian politicians and oligarchs taking their children out of the country is nothing new. Even the first Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, who was appointed by Victoria Nuland after the coup she staged against the democratically elected government in 2014, brought his family to the USA “for safety”.

After the Ukrainian Defense Minister announced this news in an interview with the German BILD newspaper, a staunch supporter of the proxy war, there were many critical comments from Ukrainian social media users. They were furious about the simultaneous reports of his children’s presence in the United States.

The Banderist politicians in Kiev have now begun to call on the population in martial tones to submit fully to the fight to the death against the evil enemy from the east, even though the war, which is being waged with a huge arsenal of NATO weapons, the training of entire armies with Ukrainian personnel and many foreign NATO “advisors” and mercenaries, is de facto already lost. This inevitably brings to mind another appeal by a like-minded German politician, which I quote in part:

“Stalingrad was and is the great alarm call of fate to the German nation. A nation that has the strength to endure and overcome such misfortune, indeed to draw additional strength from it, is invincible….

This is a threat to the empire and the European continent that far eclipses all previous dangers to the West. If we were to fail in this battle, we would be forfeiting our historical mission….

The Kremlin can’t fool us. … We know that in the East we are dealing with an infernal political devilry that does not recognize the usual relationships between people and states….

The European powers are facing the crucial question of their lives here. The West is in danger. Whether their governments and their intelligentsia want to recognize this or not is completely irrelevant….

We are thus treading the path to final victory.”

— Joseph Goebbels, Nazi propaganda minister, Sportpalastrede, 18. February 1943

Go ahead, share Germany’s fate if Ukraine thinks it has to!

The ongoing tragedy is that the people (the common people) are always the ones who have to pay for the political leaders’ hunger for power and selfish interests.

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Hitler would eventually lose, a parent told his son in 1941. “Because he does not know when and how to stop,” he replied in response to the young Norwegian boy’s question. Growing up, Johan Galtung became the pioneer of “peace studies.” This, his last book, was published in 2009. The parental wisdom he gained a long time ago is still valid today: The Ukrainian proxy war is being waged by an empire and its German and other Western vassals that doesn’t know when and how to stop.