EU Commission Vice-President Borrell on the Profiteers of Terror and War 

Occasionally, even the top politicians in the EU tell the truth. The Catalan Social Democrat Josep Borrell, Vice-President of the EU Commission and head of the EU’s foreign and security policy is sometimes quite outspoken. He considers everything outside the EU’s “garden” to be a “jungle”. And he also knows whose interests he has to represent and therefore must not lose the war in Ukraine.

In an interview with CNN journalist Christiane Amanpour, he reveals some interesting truths. It is indeed interesting how much the NATO agenda has been pushed into the public eye in light of recent exigencies. Here, Borrell openly admits – and no longer even bothers to stick to the facade – that the Ukraine war is all about Europe’s interests and has nothing to do with caring for the Ukrainian people:

The secret to deciphering his already clear language is to understand that Borrell – like the rest of the Euro-technocrat mafia – is not elected by the voting public, but appointed by a faceless high commission.

So when he says “We can’t afford for Russia to win this war” because it would harm “our” interests, who could he possibly mean? The “we” is certainly not the people he does not represent politically. It is, of course, the rest of those who control the top layer of the world government apparatus, i.e. the financiers and the banking elite. He speaks on their behalf.

So he says that the world banking cabal cannot afford for Russia to win the war because it would trigger a cascade of untold consequences for the monetary hegemonic web in which they have wrapped the entire globe.

These second-tier compradors are now trying to devise a last-minute “containment” strategy for Russia – and this is where Macron has recently taken the lead.

This Politico article reveals what is going on in the sick brains of the EU Commissioners. Now the EU’s top puppet leaders are outbidding each other to stand out in the new war competition that current events have triggered:

“Never waste a good crisis, especially when it’s a good opportunity for a campaign,” writes Politico.

Amidst the confusion and frenzy, everyone sees the opportunity to gain more power – after all, a crisis is the absolute ideal time to stand out from the crowd and gain an outsized advantage.

But ultimately, these attacks on Russian territory, and in particular the murderous Crocus terrorist attack, were necessary to disguise the progressive degradation of the Ukrainian armed forces.

What can the EU afford to do to turn Borrelll’s slogan “we can’t afford for Russia to win this war” into reality?

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The German-language version of the author’s article can be found on the TKP Science and Politics blog, where it was first published.