Epoch Times Claims 400 Million Dead in China – and No One Blinks

The main publication of the Falun Gong, the Epoch Times claims 400 million people have died in China as a result of Covid, but western watchers have barely batted any eyelid, motor proof that as long as your lie is about China, no one will care.

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Who are the Falun Gong?

If you take the eastern view of things the Falun Gong are a peaceful sect promoting mediation in China and even initially had the broad support of the Chinese Communist Party (CPP), before things the subversiveness of the group started to manifest.

The Chinese authorities began to expect outside interference (an opinion all but now proven by it subsequent history) and negative press stories about he group were thus met by protestations from the Falun Gong.

This led initially to a clampdown, before an eventual ban and relocation to New York.  And what would you know, but they became darlings of the west! Rising funds to such a degree that not only could they launch the Epoch Times, but even New Tang Dynasty Television.

And from this far-right anti-communist standpoint they have managed to not only become darlings of the American far-right, but also the best funded anti-Chinese NGO within the United States.

And the Epoch Times

The mouthpiece of the Falun Gong though is the Epoch Times, formerly a magazine you might be handed in London, or outside of the ferry terminal in Hong Kong (no longer the case), it is now primarily web-based, which includes YouTube shorts and the like.

Yet although the tech has indeed changed with the times, the false information and often downright lies indeed have not, with some stories bering so outlandish to almost constitute parody.

One example of this was just before the recent CCP conference in which it stated Xi Jinping had been arrested and the system was about to fall, both of which of course clearly did not occur.

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Yet despite being a “news outlet” that does not give credible sources and essentially touted lies, they regularly get quoted in western media as stating the truth, proliferating falsehoods that most common people not know to be outright lies.

Epoch Times claims 400 million dead in China due to Covid

The latest story came  from the German edition of the Epoch Times, a publication that has famously slammed Covid regulations within Europe from a typically right-wing anti-vaccination agenda have accused the Chinese of killing 400 million people over Covid, but that is not the end of it.

The statement also went on to add that not only had 500 million died already, but a further 400 million would follow AFER Covid, as well as the fact that 200 million died during SARS, but it was covered up.

This has of course been retweeted by the “mainstream”, with relatively few questions and seemingly even less people owning a calculator. China had 1.4 billion people, and by the end of Covid will be 900 million down, a death toll greater than the Khmer Rouge managed, but no one in the world has, or will notice because the CPP are so good at covering things at.

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Everyone is entitled to their views, with being “anti CPP” one of them, but when we entertain fringe radicals and extremists without checking their evidence, we do the world of news and journalism a great disservice. But then, isn’t that what news is all about now.