Does North Korea want American Troops in South Korea?

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Whilst anything that leaves the mouth of former Trumpite Mike Pompeo should be taken with a grain of salt, the latest claim from his memoir that North Korea wants American troops in South Korea has at least raised some eyebrows.

According to the memoir from Pompeo released on Tuesday, Marshall Kim Jong Un is a not only not bothered about American troops in South Korea, but even sees them as a useful buffer against perceived Chinese imperialistic aims on the Koreas.

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Pompeo and North Korea

Mike Pompeo was an important player in the detente between the Democratic ~Peoples Republic of Korea and the United States that would see two formal summits in Singapore and Vietnam, as well as an informal meeting at Panmunjom (DMZ), as well as meeting the Supreme Leader of the DPRK himself.

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It is at one of these meetings where Pompeo claimed that North Korea was being hypocritical having issues with American troops in Seoul, bearing in mind the massive military might of the DPRK that could wipe out Seoul in literally minutes.

The story goes according to Pompeo that he told Marshall Kim Jong Un that China had “consistently told the United States that American forces leaving South Korea would make Chairman Kim happy.”

To which the Chairman laughed banged the desk and said “he needed the Americans in South Korea to protect him from the CCP, and that the CCP needs the Americans out so they can treat the peninsula like Tibet and Xinjiang,”.

Whether he said this, or not is unknown, but with how the rest of the conversation (allegedly) transpired there was certainly diplomacy and some gamesmanship from both sides.

According to Pompeo Marshall Kim Jong Un promised to denuclearize, which obviously did not happen, but also to put a stop to existing tests, which for a time was achieved.

This would all of course lead to the failed summit in Hanoi, Trump losing and the current dotard-in-chief Joe Biden/

Did North Korea really want US Troops in Seoul?

Officially and according to all propaganda of course they do not, with it being seeing as puppet regime and occupational force that is stifling eventual Korean reunification, although even here North Korea very much has its own idea on how that should look.

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True, or not it does though show what actual observers know and that is that the DPRK is very much its own place and whether China is its “best friend”, or not, North Korea is very much it sown country.