Can Americans go to Syria? – They can now

Until just yesterday if you asked the question “Can Americans go to Syria” the answer would have been a residing now, but that is no longer the case according to a whole heap of travel agencies that specialize in travel to the country.

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So, who banned who?

Unlike North Korea, Cuba, or Libya back in the day the United States have never banned their citizens from traveling to Syria and technically at least Syria has never banned Americans from holidaying in the country.

The reality though is that since reopening to tourism after defeating ISIS and the non-existent “moderate forces” Syria have basically not processed American visas in a tit-for-tat exercise based around the US not granting Syrian nationals entry, well at least ones that aren’t claiming asylum.

Can Americans go to Syria – What has changed?

According to various travel agencies what has actually changed is that Syria will now process visas for Americans with the “expectation” that they will be approved – although many have added the civet that visas are still very much not guaranteed.

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Syria notoriously has one of the strictest visa regimes, which includes having to state and prove where you work, as well as state your  religion, as well as not having an Israeli stamp in your passport.

And this also means that if you are an intrepid journalist wanting to go ro Damascus to fine the latest Syrian scoop you are alas also not welcome, hence the need to state your occupation for the visa.

The News of The World does not advocate guerrilla journalism in the Syrian Arab Republic.