America’s Stupid World War

‘Israel’s’ six-front war is just one theatre in the American multiplex of horror. America is fighting multiple wars, and constantly trying to start new ones. I know they’re only called ‘World Wars’ when white people are fighting each other, but I don’t know what else to call this. America is at war across the whole world and losing on all fronts.

To the north, America has already lost to Russia. To their south, they’re facing their own uncompleted genocide — pesky brown people still walking the earth, not respecting colonial borders. Then, to the East, we have ‘Israel’s’ incomplete genocide of Palestine, which has turned into a regional rebellion against America. Finally, to the west there’s China — which America actually wants to fight — but they can’t even get to that side of the bar without ten other guys punching them. 

Meanwhile, within America, they are deeply divided internally (ie, they hate themselves) and the climate is collapsing atop everything (the gods hate them too). America’s World War is not just fighting everyone in the world, but also fighting weather. All losing propositions.*BRSCM0QR4OIsn66zjyxLpA.png


Let’s start with the northern front, which America trying its best to bury under 50,000 Palestinian bodies. I call it North because North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Instead of disbanding after the Cold War, NATO kept pushing closer and closer to Russia, until Russia finally pushed back by invading Ukraine. After the first (and second) Ukrainian armies were destroyed, a NATO-trained and equipped army was destroyed as well. Now the money, bullets, and recruits are running out, as has the American attention span. Empire has moved onto something it’s more comfortable with, dropping expensive bombs on poor civilians. 

The Ukraine war, which was supposed to teach Russia a lesson, has instead made Russia militarily, economically, and geopolitically stronger. While NATO essentially ran out of bullets, Russia’s military industry is still firing. While Europe is deindustrializing without Russian energy, Russia’s economy is thriving. While America tried to isolate Russia with sanctions, it is now leading BRICS, an alternative coalition with nearly 50% of the world’s population, and most of its natural resources and manufacturing. By picking a fight with Russia, America has thrown them, China, North Korea, and Iran together. They have united their enemies and sacrificed their allies. A true masterclass in decline.


On the southern front, Americans have just made up an invasion of people coming to pick their fruit. Non-native Americans unironically talk about a ‘migrant’ crisis, with no self-awareness at all. Bitch, you’re the crisis! Humans have been walking up and down Turtle Island for 10,000 years, but these interlopers set up fences, fenced the land, and think they can defenestrate people whenever they want. The ‘border crisis’ is really America’s original war — the genocide of the native population — and it’s still ongoing. 

This is an entirely manufactured war, because America ruins conditions in the South, demands a cheap/slave underclass of labor to feed/clothe/care-for itself, and then attacks people for responding to the conditions it creates. In fact, the only invasion is America, and it’s unfortunately still killing and caging humans, whatever the administration. Literally, the only choice they have this election is whether you want to kill brown people here or there, and in what proportion.


In the East, the center of the ‘problem’ is the Empire’s uncompleted genocide of Palestine. While ‘Israel’ is laser-focused on completing that, America has to deal with the regional fallout. Now America has lost control of Syria and Iraq to the north, the Red Sea to the south, and is genuinely menaced by Iran to the east. To the West, none of this helps its European vassals, and America’s own population doesn’t enjoy watching children being murdered every day. 

‘Israel’ is winning the genocide and losing the war, and America is actually too weak and overstretched to help them. America can no longer stage large ground forces like in the Iraq Wars and is in fact talking about withdrawal. Their Navy has already been defeated by Yemen and has no hope against Iran. All they have is air power and bombs, but those are finite quantities that they have to allocate to every other war zone. And this isn’t even the war they want to be in! 

One week before the Al Aqsa Flood, National Security Idiot Jake Sullivan said, “the Middle East region is quieter today than it has been in two decades.” Which was dead wrong. In a since-scrubbed article, he said, “This disciplined approach frees up resources for other global priorities,” which obviously didn’t work out as planned. America has sent three Hiroshimas worth of explosives to Gaza which makes it harder to bomb Asia, like they really want to.


For years if not decades, American foreign policy ‘thinkers’ have been talking about pivoting to Asia, AKA China. America, however, can’t even get to that end of the bar without spilling a drink on someone and getting into some other fight. It’s a comedy of terrors. In the meantime, China is doing what America successfully did in World War I and II. Staying the fuck out of world wars for as long as possible, and profiting. Napoleon said, “Never interfere with your enemy when he is making a mistake,” and America is making dozens. 

By being such ineffective assholes, America has thrown China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran into an effective military alliance. By sanctioning most of the world, they have made even more countries into economic allies. America has united all their enemies while ruining their allies (Europe). This is why I put ‘thinkers’ in scare quotes. There’s precious little strategic thinking going on. How is America going to ‘pivot’ to China now? They’ve run out of bullets on the northern front, lost naval supremacy in the east, and have their own problems in the south. China doesn’t even have to do anything. They win by default.


America can only sanction so many countries before they’ve sanctioned themselves into a corner. They can only weaponize the dollar so long before it becomes a two-edged sword. They can only attack so many people before, as Malcolm X said, chickens come home to roost. They can only bail out (their rich) for so long before the whole country drowns. 

Indeed, it’s already happening. The number one cause of death in the US military is suicide. Children bring assault rifles into their schools and use them on each other. Deaths of despair — largely through drugs — are rising. Somewhere in their hearts Americans know their country deserves to die, and they’re doing it.

American life expectancy is dropping, more people are hungry, 40% of people face financial hardship, poverty increased 60% since 2021, the human suffering goes on and on. These are not healthy vital signs, no matter what the topline numbers say. America’s GDP numbers are just a measure of waste, graft, and inequality, not a functioning economy. Just ask its people, who are not doing well at all. 

Americans are still dying in a plague, its infrastructure is falling apart, they can’t make stuff anymore, and its education system is a con. The whole colonial enterprise was the mafia bust-out of a continent which is now nearing the end, where it goes bust. This is not an Empire which is long for the world, which would be comforting if the world itself was not ending also.


America is the worst historical polluter and the American military is the single worst polluter in the world. These are not coincidences, these are consequences. Even before its founding as an unchecked oligarchy, America has been an entropy machine, chewing up resources, spewing out waste heat, and calling it profit. Now the pollution of this local colony has spread globally and is finally reaching its planetary carrying limits. The climate itself is collapsing. 

As I said in the ‘Israel’ piece, it doesn’t matter if ‘Israel’ improbably solves its problems. ‘Israel’ is in American Empire, and can’t survive the collapse of its host. In the same way, it doesn’t matter if America impossibly wins a world war and ‘makes itself great again’. When the climate collapses, America is toast. It’s collapse within collapse within collapse, cubes within cubes within a sphere. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what causes what, but the effects are clear. 

The ancient gods of weather are obviously furious, and bombing the homeland of Jesus, defiling Muslim holy sites, and associating Judaism with this carnage doesn’t help with the new ones either. Gods move slow, but they move heavy, which is precisely what’s happening. If America can avoid defeat in all directions, if it can avoid its own internal fractures, it’s still gonna get death from above. The gods are angry and their justice is surely near. 

World War Stupidity

Collapse is a fractal, and wherever you look you’re going to see fractures. If you start, as I have, with the colony of ‘Israel’, that certainly looks fucked in all directions, but if you zoom out it’s even worse than that. ‘Israel’s’ six-front war is just one of two hot wars America is fighting, and it’s got at least two cold and ready to go. 

North, south, east, west, at home, in the heavens, wherever you look, America has pissed someone off, and learned nothing from the experience. On every front, America is its own worst enemy, determined to lose at any cost. America is determined to leave the world the way we come into it, naked, covered in blood, and screaming.

America — running on some sort of autopilot of incompetence - has started World War III, whether you call it that or not. It’s war and it’s happening all over the world, what else do you call it? ‘Israel’ is just one front in this war, and for once, world war is not even our biggest problem. Literal storm fronts are coming in, of biblical proportions. That’s what we’ll discuss next episode. The climate collapse on top of everything, which makes all other collapses tremble.