America’s Border Crisis Is Made-Up

People coming to do your dishes is not a crisis

People coming to your declining country to pick your food and take care of your grandparents is not a ‘crisis’. Migrants are just the most regular victims trotted out into the Cable-TV Colosseum, so American citizens can give a pious thumbs up or thumbs down, then get back to not paying attention. America’s a colony, constant migration is required to keep the scam going, but those migrants must be constantly dehumanized, to keep them as exploitable as possible. America is a ladder, constantly kicking down. American coverage of the migration crisis never once looks at the cause. It’s not because America is so fucking awesome, it’s because America is so awful to everyone down south. People wouldn’t go to America if America wasn’t fucking up their countries in the first place! This is the crisis and America is the cause.
Eric Fischl, A Visit To / A Visit From / The Island, 1983

The crisis is what America does to every country south of them. America is assassinating, couping, corrupting, and exploiting in every country south of the border, and they wonder why people come up. Maybe stop fucking up their homes and they’d stay there? Maybe stop overthrowing their governments and just leave them alone?

The second point is that borders are themselves colonial bullshit. Human beings have been walking up and down the Americas for thousands of years. Just because Napoleon sold some Jefferson and NFTs two hundred years ago doesn’t mean shit. This land was never theirs to divvy up. America has no right to draw a line in the sand and drown everyone south of it. They’re the illegal immigrants. They’re the invasive species, bringing drugs, guns, and destroying communities. From colonizers, it’s important to remember, that every accusation is a confession. It’s frankly hilarious watching Americans and Australians complain about migrants. Bitch, where did you come from?

I’ll repeat myself because I have a word count to hit. America’s border crisis is literally made up in that A) they just manufacture news about it whenever they want an ‘issue’ and B) they destabilize everyone south of them. If America stopped sanctioning, besieging, and subverting everyone south of them, they would have no reason to go north. If Americans stopped doing (and denying that they’re doing) so many drugs they wouldn’t be growing them down south. If Americans stopped spreading so much ‘democracy’, those countries could hold a government together. These are all American problems and it’s only fit that they end up at America’s doorstep. But these people—God’s people—are not the problem. They are, in fact, a solution, for a country that deserves only dissolution.

America actually needs these people. Cheap, exploitable, deportable labor? Yes please, say America’s corporate overlords, may I have another? America has always needed slaves, and ‘illegal immigrants,’ ‘prisoners,’ and ‘I need the healthcare,’ are just slaves with paper chains. America has always needed ‘illegal’ people, people who are legally subhuman, to pick the cotton, to till the fields, to do the dishes. This isn’t even an American problem though, like everything else, Americans take it way too far. Since the Greek days, a slave or ‘other’ class has always been a feature and not a bug of democracy. Citizenship is an inherently (and violently) exclusive category, and always was.

As Dimitry Kochenov says in his thorough book on the subject (via me), “Proclaimed a servant of the great ideals, citizenship is a very effective abstract legal tool to justify essentially random violence, humiliation, and exclusion.” It’s the perfect crime because it’s all legal. Draw a line around certain people and their descendants and say they’re special, and that everyone else is fair game for bombing and exploitation. And don’t get me started on the animals and land, who have no legal standing at all.

Like ‘Israel’, there’s nothing wrong with America that can be fixed with what’s right with America. America is just foundationally wrong. The idea of America is wrong. The idea of colonization, and constant war, and states’ rights triumphing over human, animal, and natural beings, these are just bad ideas, reaching their horrible conclusion. The answer to America’s border crisis is the dissolution of America and the return of the land to the people that actually care about it.

The people crossing the border are not the problem. The problem is the border and everything America does on either side of it. America’s border crisis is made up and it won’t end until the febrile mind making up the problem is put out of its misery. Americans are already doing it to themselves, through deaths of despair, but the border crisis won’t be solved until the nation itself collapses, inshallah.