The Team

Felix Abt is a Swiss entrepreneur who has lived in nine countries on three continents, including North Korea and Vietnam, and traveled through many more, and who has never felt like lecturing or even liberating others. Fortunately, he has also never been arrested to date.

His unconventional life experience has given him a somewhat unconventional view of things, which the conventional mainstream censors, but which he is happy to share on independent media portals.

You can find his detailed biography here

Gareth Johnson is an English entrepreneur, adventure traveler and journalist. He is the founder of Young Pioneer Tours, as well as Lets Buy An Island. He is particularly interested in left-wing ideology and the history of class struggle.

As someone always interested in seeing and telling the other side of the story he has decided to write for Eastern Angle.

You can see his biography here

Reece Ferguson is an Irish journalist based in the Philippines. He has a long history of writing about the downtrodden, with a particular interest and emphasis on social issues.

You can read some of his work here

Leon Havana is an Asian based journalist who ficuses on debunking
propaganda both from the east and west. A keen follower of political events
around the world he is a regular reporter on conflict zones throughout the