About Us


The main problem of the mainstream media is not that they uncritically spread the narratives of Western elites or even lies, but that their reporting is FULL OF GAPS. Because they are biased, one-sided, and selective, they exclude significant portions of the whole, and therefore their users can never know the truth.

We are a small group of writers with diverse backgrounds and beliefs who do not claim a monopoly on truth, for we too are prone to error and have our biases based on our life experience.

Where we want to differ from the mainstream media is that we want to give space to the “other point of view”, which is blanked out by them, in order to get as close to the truth as possible. The two millennia old Latin phrase “audiatur et altera pars”, which means “let the other side be heard as well”, may have gone completely out of fashion in our modern age of “woke supremacy” and “cancel culture,” in which the owners of the corporate media and the journalists they hire regard “free speech as a threat to democracy,” but we will cherish it, even if we face strong headwinds. As we are based in Asia we will also add the often missing Eastern Angle to the discussion.

Please help us and support our efforts to get closer to the truth by recommending us, liking and sharing articles. We thank you.